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Road to ALGS Part 3 : Fnatic joining and dominating APAC North

Azrael's avatarAzraelModerator@Azrael02/05/2024

Road to ALGS Part 3 : Fnatic joining and dominating APAC North

➡️ We left yesterday in April 2020, after Fnatic disbanded both their EU and NA rosters. 2 years would go by, and the Apex scene would grow slowly but surely, getting more and more big organisations joining every regional circuits. Apex having established itself as a sustainable esport, Fnatic would join the circuit again. But with a twist ! Unlike our others teams, it wouldn't be in EU or NA that Fnatic would recruit their new talents, but in Japan, joining the APAC North region, expending their activity in this part of the world which already consisted of the Rainbow 6 team.

🤝 Joining in late June 2022, formerly known as BAKAGAKI, YukaF, MatsuTasu and Meltstera and their coach Kamaneko would be the new players under the black and orange banner.

🏆 Less than a month after joining, this roster made of incredible individuals would achieve 4th place at the 2022 ALGS Championship, earning 160,000$. This would be just the first of their achievements, winning Split 1 of the APAC North Pro League in December.

🔁 After finishing 8th in the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs, the team would see its first change, MatsuTasu would be loaned to an other team, being replaced by UmichanLoveti, an other Japanese player, who would lead them to an other regional split victory in June. But the story repeated itself, the team not being able to grab a high place finish : 10th in the Split 2 Playoffs, and only 26th in the Finals, winning the first round of loser bracket but having a hard time to play their game in the 2nd round, finishing 20th and 19th in game 4 and 6, marking the end of regular top 10 finish.

🇯🇵 Following the event, Fnatic would decide to rebuild around their star players, YukaF, parting ways with Meltstera, UmichanLoveti and Kamaneko. We've since then saw satuki Lykq and MUSCLE joined the team, keeping a fully Japanese roster. The first achievement of this team would be, being part of Team Japan with Pulverex and some of their former teammates, to win gold against Team China and Team South Korea in the Esports Championships East Asia 2023, cementing themselves as one of the dominant force in APAC North, and so far the best team in the region.

🥇 The tradition would be kept alive with this new players, winning once again the APAC North Pro League. We are now a few hours from the start of the Split 1 Playoffs, where do you think we will end up ? I personally think that we have one of the best player in the world (YukaF) and one of the strongest roster out there, we should manage to get top 3, and maybe even grab a win. The consistent high performance of the team during regular season should translate greatly in the international stage.

➡️ 昨日はFnaticがEUとNAのロスターを解散した2020年4月で終わりました。 2年が経ち、Apexシーンも各地域で有名組織が参入し始め少しずつ大きくなりました。Apexが持続可能なesportsとしての位置を確固たるものにしたことで、Fnaticも再参入を決定しました。 今回は他チームとはと違う、EUやNAではなく APAC Northに参戦し、 既にRainbow6部門で始めていた活動を拡大化させました。

🤝 2022年7月に加入したのは、かつてBAKAGAKIとして知られた YukaF, MatsuTasu そして Meltstera とそのコーチ Kamanekoでした。

🏆 加入から1カ月経たずして、素晴らしい個々の才能に恵まれたこのロスターは2022 ALGS Championshipで4位という成績を収め、160,000$**を獲得しました。 これは数ある素晴らしい功績の一つにすぎず、その後も12月にSplit1 APAC North Pro Leagueで優勝を納めました.

🔁 ALGS Split 1 Playoffsで8位を獲得し、チームは初の変化を見ることになります。 MatsuTasuが他チームへローン移籍し、UmichanLovetiが加入し続くPro Leagueも優勝しました。しかし歴史は繰り返し、その後の大会でも高順位をおさめることはできませんでした。 Split 2 Playoffsで10位、, Championshipsでは26位, ルーザーズブラケット1から進出しましたが、続くルーザーズブラケット2ではgame 4と6を20位と19位で終え, 連続TOP10記録を終えることになります。.

🇯🇵 この大会後、FnaticはそのスタープレイヤーであるYukaFを中心にロスターを再編成し、Meltstera、UmichanLovetiとKamanekoと別れを告げることになります。 その後satuki Lykq そして MUSCLE がチームへと参加し、日本のロスターを完成させました。このロスターの最初の功績としては、Pulverexと共にTeam Japanとして、ECEA 2023で金メダルを獲得しAPAC Northでの最強の名を確実のものにしたことでしょう。

🥇 メンバーは変わっても伝統を引き継ぎ、APAC North Pro Leagueに勝利。 Split 1 Playoffsまであと数時間となりましたが、一体どんな結果が待ち受けるのでしょうか? 個人的には世界最強のプレイヤーの一人(YukaF)と最強のロスターがいれば、 TOP3、または優勝できる可能性もあると思います。 レギュラーシーズン中の安定した高いパフォーマンスは国際線でも発揮されるでしょう。


Fnatic at the ALGS London Split 1 Playoffs in 2023 : Meltstera, YukaF, MatsuTasu, Kamaneko

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