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[Spoiler] Fnatic Winner bracket result

Franky's avatarFrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky05/05/2024

[Spoiler] Fnatic Winner bracket result

Fnatic had an incredible Winner bracket run, finishing 3rd once, 2nd twice, and 1st once, accumulating over 51 kills.

Thanks to this performance, we secured the top spot in the Winner bracket and will start the finals with a +10 point advantage.

We finished with 89 points, while the second place had only 59 points (it was Reject Winnity, APAC-N representing strong).

:fnatic: Always Fnatic :fnatic:

PS: We had only 2 points after the first 2 games

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LahmPioneer Key Holder@Lahm• 05/05/2024