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Fnc thorn

Creiser's avatarCreiser@Creiser06/05/2024

Fnc thorn

What do you think about the fnc thorn X lamzu? I was thinking about buying it to replace my Razer basilisk V3.

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Loading...I own several Fnatic Clutch 2, a Fnatic Bolt as well as the Fnatic Thorn. At first I was sceptical if the Thorn would be worth the money since you can get the Fnatic Bolt really cheap when it is on discount. But man was it worth it. It the best mouse I ever owned. Of course it is subjective, but the two aspects I value the most are that it is as light as a feather and that it fits my grip really nicely. Recommended for sure. If you don't like it you are able to send it back, so give it a try. You won't be disappointed.
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Creiser@Creiser• 10/05/2024
Loading...@MrAw3som3_GER Thank you so much for the answer :D I think I will wait for some discount and I will give it a try maybe pairing it with a nice new mouse mat from fnc
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Creiser@Creiser• 10/05/2024
Loading...@MrAw3som3_GER Btw, what mouse pad you are using?
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Loading...It is one of the best mice you can get in the market! Great specs and great value, I highly recommend it personally!
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Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 07/05/2024
Loading...Buy it is so op