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BooooooomPioneer Key Holder
Loading...@Booooooom Is there a better way to reply to replies or do I just have to reply to my post? At work I'm using Java & groovy For my studies I mostly use C#, but I'm getting into C++ since I want to go more into the direction of graphics programming
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BooooooomPioneer Key Holder
Loading...Besides videogames ofc. I do play Dnd which is time consuming. I also like to programm, but technically this is part of my studies. I'd count it as a hobby regardless. Also if I have the motivation i might get back into cycling.
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BooooooomPioneer Key Holder
Loading...@238SAMIxD Yeah, I can see that. I can't see myself playing the game longer than a month (or even less) without any serious content updates.
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Diablo 4