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Loading...Two questions for both cArn and STU, it's not about LEC but more about Fnatic on LoL : - Does FNC have any plans for having academy in LFL too ? Is it possible ? I remember Sam talking about it last year. LFL is the only place to be in ERL if you guys really want to work with the academy. Not only in term of competitivity, but also and especially in term of profesionalism. - Do you think the academy has achieved the expected objectives ? I feel like moving from NLC to LVP was not the best idea, after three splits, only the spring split 2022 was good. But even if FNC academy is not working so good in LVP, the main team has 2x more "contact" / "relation" with the academy than in the past when it was in NLC. (Sometimes for unexpected event like worlds 22 / 23, but also right now with Rhuckz / Crusher and Oscarinin / Advienne).