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Loading...Hi, to Carn : — How does central PG works ? — What happens with Dardo if Carn is the one taking the decisions now ? (Welcome back btw) — Can you elaborate on the team's scouting process for potential new players/coaches ? — What steps are taken to ensure player health and wellness during the season ? — How does the team handle conflicts or disagreements between players or staff members ? (These last 2 points are issues that are coming up again and again after years.) — How has the team's long-term vision and goals evolved over the past 3 years, and how is progress towards those goals tracked and evaluated? In your opinion, has the team made significant strides towards achieving its goals, taking into account the journey as a whole rather than just the results? To Pete : — Keep it up, we understand that it may be a difficult moment, but we truly appreciate your efforts and want you to know that you are valued.