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Loading...@HeadCoach, but others may also add ideas, as its more of a structural question: 1. In the past we heard reoccurring themes when it came to solving problems. For the last 3 or 4 years, it seemed like every season the answer to issues were "band-aid"-fixes, to the point I feel like they accumulated to an unmanageable amount. Equally as often we heard that players were not able to agree on how the game is supposed to be played. ***Can we expect a change in mentality on how issues are tackled, outside and inside of the game? If so, are there already any ideas on how to achieve that or how to improve the training environment?*** @Stuart or Patrick, whoever has more input: 2. I am also interested in how the mental support will look like in the future for players and staff. ***Will there be a whole infrastructure or will it be lead by one professional alone, who will be close to the team, as it was the case until now? Will there be other new additions to the staff in general, now or in the near future?***