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Pontus Sjogren



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Pontus's Equipment

Mouse Flick G1

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Keyboard Rush Pro Gaming Keyboard, Brown MX Cherry Switches

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Headset Duel Modular Gaming Headset

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Mousepad Focus Pro Gaming Cloth Mousepad

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Pontus's' Biography

When Breez joined Fnatic back in mid-2015, he cited the reasons for joining Fnatic as a) being a massive Fnatic LoL and CS:GO fan, and b) wanting to make Fnatic the #1 in Europe.

Our longest-serving player has not only surpassed his goal of making Fnatic the #1 team in Europe, but also created his own Fnatic history beside LoL and CS:GO

Pontus's ID Card

  • Name Pontus Sjogren
  • Player Name Breez
  • Hometown Stockholm
  • Date of Birth 1998-11-19
  • Age -
  • Game HotS
  • Role Tank
Music Shooting Stars 10 Hours
Food Sushi
TV Show Paradise Hotel
Travel Destination United States

Pontus's Favorite Game

Heroes of the Storm

Pontus's Favorite Hero


Pontus's Favorite Esports Memory

2nd place Blizzcon 2016

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