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Rasmus Winther



Player Name

League of Legends



Watch now Caps: Baby Faker

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Rasmus's Equipment

Mouspad Boost Control Mousepad

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Mouse Flick G1

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Headset Duel Modular Gaming Headset

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Rasmus's' Biography

A midlane enigma that could yet become the next great hope for Europe.

Among his Challenger colleagues, the mechanical genius that is Caps has rightfully earned the nickname, Baby Faker, decimating mid laners vastly more experienced than himself with incredible team plays. Long known to the Fnatic management team, this glowing talent now takes the huge step into the LCS fire to stamp his authority onto the rift.

Rasmus's ID Card

  • Name Rasmus Winther
  • Player Name Caps
  • Hometown Frederiksberg
  • Date of Birth 1999-11-17
  • Age -
  • Game League of Legends
  • Role Mid
TV Show Primetime League
Travel Destination The moon
Pastime Sleeping

Rasmus's Favorite Game

League of Legends

Rasmus's Favorite Champion


Rasmus's Favorite LCS Moment

Solokilling Perkz

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