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Lemon Tea

Etienne Riboulot


Lemon Tea

Player Name

Clash Royale



Lemon Tea

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Etienne's Equipment

Mouse CLUTCH 2

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Headset Duel Modular Gaming Headset

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Etienne's' Biography

Lemon Tea was an absolute monster at the EU combine, going undefeated at 8-0 as the 20th seed. He surprised everyone by showing his game knowledge and adaptability without having much competitive experience. He looks to shock the world in the inaugural season by proving he’s one of the best rookies to come out of Europe.

Etienne's ID Card

  • Name Etienne Riboulot
  • Player Name Lemon Tea
  • Date of Birth 1999-07-20
  • Age -
  • Game Clash Royale
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