Last Updated: 2021-09-02

Fnatic Fan Association | Guidelines


As a Fnatic fan, we want to celebrate you and thank you for being part of the Fnatic family and so we have created an exclusive space for our most dedicated fans: the Fnatic Fan Association.

The Fnatic Fan Association allows you to be recognised as an official Fnatic Fan Club; it’s a space where you and your members can hang out with fellow Fnatics, organise watch parties, friendly matches and other events.

You will have direct access to members of the Fnatic team; you’ll be able to express your opinions and thoughts, suggest ideas, and help us realise our goal of one billion Fnatics. It’s also a chance to stay up to date with all the latest Fnatic news and releases, receive discount codes and have the chance to win free stuff to top it off. You’ll be first in line to all our events and exclusive activations with our top players and influencers.

As part of the Fnatic Fan Association, you’ll officially be #AlwaysFnatic.

By applying to create a Fnatic Fan Club or by joining a Fnatic Fan Club, you agree to be bound by these guidelines (Guidelines) and you must comply with them. Pay special attention to the code of conduct and rules on Fnatic intellectual property and governance.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with


Structure of your Fnatic Fan Club (your Fan Club)

  • You must register at least 30 Fnatics to be considered a Fnatic Fan Club.
  • In your Fan Club, you must have a committee of at least a chairperson, secretary and treasurer (the Committee). Your Fan Club must elect these members before applying to Fnatic to be an official Fnatic Fan Club.

Membership and Registration

  • Register your interest in becoming an official Fnatic Fan Club by emailing We’ll then send the elected chairperson of your Fan Club a link to an online application form.
  • As well as returning the form to us, you must send us a list of rules for the members of your Fan Club to abide by, so make sure that you have these rules ready before applying.
  • We will then review your application form (including your Fan Club name) and your member rules (your Application). If we accept your Application, you’re good to go!
  • It is completely free to apply for and set up a Fnatic Fan Club and to be a member of Fnatic Fan Club. You should not charge your members a fee to join.


  • Your Fan Club should hold an annual general meeting (an AGM) every year, to which all of your club members must be invited. Your Fan Club’s secretary must take minutes of each  AGM and submit them to us (contact details below) within 8 weeks of each AGM.
  • As well as the AGM, your Fan Club should hold at least three meetings per year, and we may request notes from these meetings.
  • A representative of Fnatic may attend one of your meetings! This will give us a chance to hear your thoughts and relay any feedback back to HQ. We will contact you and organise this with you in advance.



  • You must treat all members of your Fan Club and members of other Fan Clubs in the Fnatic Fan Association with respect. Any activity or behaviour that Fnatic, in its sole discretion, considers to be defamatory, threatening, violent, harassing, bullying, racist, sexist, ableist, discriminatory or obscene is strictly prohibited. You can read more about this in our Social and Community Policy (
  • If Fnatic becomes aware of such behaviour or any conduct that breaches our Social and Community Policy committed by you, your members or your Fan Club, Fnatic may immediately remove your Fan Club from the Fnatic Fan Association and your Fan Club will be unable to return.
  • You must also ensure that your members are aware of and comply with these behavioural standards.


  • You must respect all applicable local, national and international laws while being a member of, or while associated with, the Fnatic Fan Association. Any activity featuring, encouraging, offering or soliciting illegal activity is prohibited and you will be immediately removed from the Fnatic Fan Association.


Fnatic Name, slogan and logo

  • Subject to your Fan Club’s continuing compliance with these Guidelines, Fnatic grants the approved Fan Club a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, royalty-free, revocable licence to use both Fnatic’s name, slogan and logo in connection with your Fan Club as part of the Fnatic Fan Association.
  • Your Fan Club is not entitled to use any other of Fnatic’s intellectual property without Fnatic’s express written permission.
  • Your Fan Club is not authorised to produce or sell any merchandise bearing Fnatic’s intellectual property. That means no hoodies with your Fan Club name on it! If you want Fnatic merch, check out our site (
  • Your Fan Club acknowledges that Fnatic owns all rights in its name, slogan and logo, and will own any future goodwill in the name, slogan and logo that is generated by, or in connection with, the Fnatic Fan Association.
  • The name, slogan and logo must only be used in the form that is provided to your Fan Club by Fnatic. You must not edit or distort the logo.
  • If, at any point, your Fnatic Fan Club fails to comply with our rules on intellectual property, Fnatic will withdraw your club from the Fnatic Fan Association.

Our Reputation

  • Your Fan Club must take all appropriate steps to ensure that Fnatic’s reputation will not be damaged by the acts of your Fan Club and its members.
  • The Fnatic name, slogan and logo must not be used in any way which, in Fnatic’s reasonable opinion, is damaging to the reputation of Fnatic. This includes (but is not limited to) use in connection with:
  1. porn;
  2. any charity;
  3. anything that promotes disparaging views or behaviour relating to race, nationality, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, martial status, religion, age or disability, in any manner whatsoever;
  4. any organisation that manufactures or distributes weapons;
  5. any political or religious organisation; or
  6. any other esports organisation.


Fan Club Funds

  • The Committee will be responsible for the management of your Fan Club’s funds.
  • The Committee should ensure that a bank account is opened in the name of your Fan Club. The bank account should have two authorised signatories - one should be the treasurer and the other, another member of the Committee. You must share the details of this account with us if we ask for them.
  • The treasurer is responsible for ensuring that the accounts of the Fan Club are kept up to date.
  • After each AGM, we have the right to review your Fan Club’s finances and you must share your finances with us if we ask for them.
  • Fnatic reserves the right to review and audit your Fan Club’s finances at any time.

Non-Profit Making

  • Your Fan Club cannot be profit-making.
  • Any additional money made from your Fan Club must be put back into the Fan Club. Use it to organise events or friendly games; make your Fnatic Fan Club the best there is.


Members’ personal data

  • Your Fan Club must comply with all applicable data protection legislation with regards to your members’ personal information (eg. names, email addresses, location). This means:
    • having consent or a legitimate reason for obtaining personal information
    • collecting only the minimum amount of personal information
    • storing information securely, keeping it confidential and making sure that others don’t have access to it
    • only holding personal information for as long as you need it
  • The Committee must ask its members whether they would like their personal information to be passed onto Fnatic so that we can provide them with the benefits of being a part of the Fnatic Fan Association. Do not pass on the personal information of your members without their permission. If and when your Fan Club passes on personal information to Fnatic, give us a heads up so we can handle the data securely.


Help us achieve one billion Fnatics

  • Promote the Fnatic brand! Shout about our products, players and matches to the members of your Fan Club and beyond.
  • Talk to us. We will hold focus groups and surveys and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback and opinions about all things Fnatic; openly share the thoughts of your members with us to make a better Fnatic for all our fans.



  • Your Fan Club must comply with these Guidelines.
  • These Guidelines are also available at Fnatic may, at any time and in its sole discretion, update these Guidelines. If we change these Guidelines, we will use our reasonable endeavours to notify you of such changes, but will not be liable for any failure to do so.


  • Fnatic may, at any time and for any reason, cancel your Fan Club’s membership of the Fnatic Fan Association. In such circumstances, your Fan Club must immediately cease holding itself out as an official Fnatic Fan Club and will no longer be entitled to any of the benefits under the Fnatic Fan Association, including the use of Fnatic’s name, slogan and logo.
  • Fnatic may, at any time, in its sole discretion and for any reason, cancel the Fnatic Fan Association.


  • You can anonymously report any concerns or complaints that you may have about misconduct at Fnatic via  Misconduct includes:
    • a criminal offence
    • a breach of legal obligation(s)
    • a breach of these Guidelines
    • the endangerment of the health and safety of any individual
    • environmental damage
    • the deliberate concealment of information relating to any of the above, that has been committed by Fnatic and/or a Fnatic employee or contractor.

Governing law and jurisdiction

  • These Guidelines, and the Fnatic Fan Association in general, are governed by the laws of England and Wales. Any dispute arising from them is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.