Steelcase Gesture

Ergonomic Chair

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Unleash your gaming potential with Gesture by Steelcase - official chair partner of Fnatic.

Gesture is the perfect companion for long hours of immersive play. Designed with the consumer in mind, this chair offers unmatched comfort and support to keep you at the top of your game.

This Steelcase chair is focused on how you sit and move, considering the unique postures and frequent shifts that come with intense gaming sessions. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a new level of gaming with the Steelcase Gesture — where innovative design meets ultimate gaming comfort:

  • Dynamic 3D LiveBack® System: the chair's back and seat move in perfect harmony with your every move, ensuring you get continuous and unwavering support during those long gaming sessions.
  • 360° adaptive armrests: designed to mimic the natural movement of your arms, these armrests provide seamless support whether you're texting, typing, or swiping, keeping your arms and shoulders comfortable and strain-free.
  • Edge-to-edge comfort: the seat is crafted for ultimate comfort, extending all the way to the edges with flexible perimeters. This allows you to sit in various postures without any hindrance, giving you the freedom to find your perfect gaming position.
  • Flexible headrest: inspired by the natural movement of your head and neck, this headrest offers a remarkable range of motion. It delivers exceptional comfort and support, giving you more choices and control over your posture while you dominate your game.

So, you won’t be JUST getting a chair. You’ll be getting:

  • Maximum comfort and stability that keeps you focused and in control;
  • The ability to sit however you like and still be comfortable;
  • Edges that will not cut into your legs;
  • A sidekick that will help you elevate your game.

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