Steelcase Series 2

Ergonomic Chair

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Upgrade your gaming setup with the Steelcase Series 2 Chair, the perfect blend of high performance and customisable comfort. This chair offers intuitive features to fit your unique needs, providing a cozy and supportive experience every time you play. It’s the very same chair we have in our Fnatic offices, so you know they are approved and recommended by yours truly.

You’re not only getting a chair. You’re also getting:

  • Air LiveBack™ technology: featuring an innovative geometric design, this backrest offers sophisticated support tailored to each part of your spine. Its breathable and transparent wave pattern flexes as you move, ensuring responsive and personalised comfort.
  • 4D armrests: adjust the armrests in four dimensions—height, width, depth, and pivot—to perfectly support your neck and shoulders. Whether you're in the heat of battle or strategising your next move, these armrests adapt to your changing tasks and movements.
  • Weight-activated back tension mechanism: this feature responds automatically to your body weight, providing just the right amount of ergonomic support. Fine-tune your comfort with three automatic settings or manually adjust with 14 settings for the perfect back tension.
  • Dynamic seat: enjoy instant comfort with adaptive seat bolstering that conforms to your shape. The seat depth adjusts to fit your position, while the flexible seat edge allows for natural movement and freedom.
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