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🏝 🎢 Fnatic Island - Vol. 2? 🏝 🎢

jbganggang's avatarJBganggangOfficial@jbganggangβ€’ 05/01/2023

🏝 🎢 Fnatic Island - Vol. 2? 🏝 🎢

So Fnatic's first album (lofi beats to chill & game to) has over 1.5m listens now across Spotify/Apple Music etc 🀯😳

What type of music/what artists would you like to see us collab with for Vol.2 in 2023?

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EscaldiOfficial@Escaldi• 06/01/2023
Loading...The drift phonk genre seems to be picking up a lot of steam lately. It would be a great fit for fast-paced games with a lot of action. Here's a playlist with some examples. [youtube][/youtube] If we're wanting to stay on the lo-fi/chillhop-type stuff, here are some of my favorite artists: 1. [Poolside]( 2. [PREP]( 3. [Blue Bunny]( 4. [Sladd Beats]( 5. [Joytastic Sarah]( 6. [Bassti]( 7. [Mito](