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thoughts on week 1?

thoughts on week 1?

game 1 was promising, 1 misstake was 1 to much. we should be careful when greeding and ask if its really worth it? otherwise everything else looked good, neutral objectives, rotations and teamfights. and no offense but i see rekkles in sidelane way to often, after lanephase he should be more central on the map imo because our sidelaners run teleport and survive better on their own than an adc champ.

game 2 was rough from lvl 1 due to hans and micky counterpick the 🤬🤬🤬🤬 out of our boys and play it really well. and unfortunately g2:s snowball champs got fed early and the game is over, not much more to say.

and game 3 looked really solid, early game was rough, atleast for topside, good thing wunder dont need gold to be effective. we got all drags,heralds, barons.(sick steal btw) and overall i think everything was executed really well, rotations, objective setup, towerdives and teamfights. this was a perfectly executed front to back comp.

and it also helped with comp playing jhin which looks really weak in this meta imo. and i would love to see rhuckz on a more aggressive playmaking champ. i think it would fit him really well and roaming supps in pro play is key.

rough week but alot of potential. this is gna just get better from now on

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owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 24/01/2023
Loading...mixed emotions for sure! the vitality game looked tough, but as we started to pull together as a team we looked really strong and like we were gonna win, unfortunately a bad fight cost us the game, so was silly mistake! g2 was… a bit unlucky that they were so aggressive and snowballed so early stopping us from scaling, so v disappointing but we got out played. koi was a roller coaster, individually our lanes did get hit hard, but once we pulled together the team fighting looked like game 1 again! if we can remain consistent wirh team fighting then i think we can improve and start to dominate!
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Loading...@owenmelbz yeah for sure! and i think easy comps should be priority now when the team is coming toghether like front to back vs KOI. super easy to execute are reliable. especially now when splitpushing and sidelane looks kinda weak. and i would like to see a stronger mid jungle presence, because what it looks like right now. enabling razork and humanoid to roam around would be very powerfull i think