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FNATIC Razork Update!

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FNATIC Razork Update!

FNATIC Contract Extended LoL 2023 Razork (1).png

We are excited to announce that we have extended Razorks contract until 2026!

An exhilarating journey for him already as he continues his story with Fnatic even further.

If anyone has a question for@razork, pop it in the comment thread below and he'll look to answer as many as he can!

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Loading...FaVe Jungler !
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KyugoCitizen Key Holder@Kyugo• 19/12/2023
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isaac_is3@isaac_is3• 19/12/2023
Loading...Not just that you truly deserve this, I am also very happy because you have joined the Spanish and the international narratives, everyone loves and respects you, and your vibes with Noah and Oscar are simply introducing Spanish culture itself to the rest, so they can better understand us. Thank you for truly being the European captain we deserve.
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Kallen@kallenph• 19/12/2023
Loading...This makes me so happy! We love our spanish foquita 🩷 LFGGG
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FrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky• 18/12/2023
Loading...@razork, how did you manage that level of (undeserved) hate to ensure that it didn't affect you and/or your level of play (or as little as possible)? Would you change anything about how you handled it? Know that no matter what happens, the majority of us are here to support you, both in victory and in defeat.
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Valiente@Valiente• 18/12/2023
Loading...Will @Razork play briar this coming winter split 😹
Avatar for Claudio
Claudio@Claudio• 18/12/2023
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luli/mizi@lu.molisan• 18/12/2023
Loading...Muchas gracias por quedarte en casita 🖤🧡 ¿Cómo te llevás con el título/rol de capitán estos días? ¿Te hizo tener nuevos objetivos? Mucho amor desde 🇦🇷 💕
Avatar for r4inbw
r4inbw@r4inbw• 18/12/2023
Loading...Tenemos mucha suerte, no te vayas nunca xfa🥹🧡
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YodajonasdePioneer Key Holder@YoJo• 18/12/2023
Avatar for SkillChain
SkillChain@SkillChain• 18/12/2023
Loading...@Razork hola espero que estés muy bien. Solo quería preguntar cómo crees que será la dinámica ahora que hay un soporte koreano y antes estaba trymbi , te pudiste dedicar mucho a hacer tu juego y se notó mucho en el último Split y no tanto como antes hacer los calls y dedicarte a jugar... Estoy orgulloso de ti , haz crecido muchísimo estos años pero sigues siendo el mismo payaso, dale para adelante como siempre , los haters que se la coman doblada
Avatar for razork
razorkPro@razork• 18/12/2023
Loading...@SkillChain De momento mi relación con Jun esta siendo super buena y creo que mecánicamente es un bicho, con tiempo y trabajo construiremos la sinergy, y también hice el step up en Verano/Worlds con el tema shotcaller ya que cada vez me iba sintiendo más confiado :)
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FrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky• 18/12/2023
Loading...LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO [giphy]7WvAUvZZTRpSuudobh[/giphy]
Avatar for jockoo
jockoo@jockoo• 18/12/2023
Loading...No Cap has what it takes to be the best of the best and has shown it so many times bro he needs his trophy letsgo FNC do it for our captain❤️
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Loading...Once you win worlds will you consider changing your nick to 'foquita'? #FNCWIN 🦭🦭
Avatar for Norwin
Norwin@Norwin• 18/12/2023
Loading...Who is the better Taliyah? You or Humanoid and why is it you? I was so happy when you joined from Misfits, thx for keeping the team mental up :) Love you man!
Loading...Let's GO
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TKModerator@AdamTKWallace• 18/12/2023
Loading...Best news 🧡🖤
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Loading...Great news. On his way to becoming a Fnatic legend! Time to lift a trophy to seal the deal.
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josera90@josera90• 18/12/2023
Loading...This is not a question but a thanks message, thank you for staying with fnatic and I'm hyped to see more of your omegaplays. Por muchos triunfos más cachorrita
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Charenzie@Charenzie• 18/12/2023
Loading...The most handsome foquita in Berlin @razork
Avatar for razork
razorkPro@razork• 18/12/2023
Loading...@Charenzie 🫶
Avatar for Abrik
Abrik@Abrik• 18/12/2023
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Alex.fncz@Alex.fncz• 18/12/2023
Loading...Te amo cachorrita
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Loading...Obviously, this journey at Fnatic has had tremendous amounts of ups and downs. Why did you decide to stay? What are you excited about? Do you love Marek?
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CRexPioneer Key Holder@CRex• 18/12/2023
Loading...Finally a clear strategy by Fnatic. Happy to see that! Por favor foquita, picka Rengar
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NitePioneer Key Holder@Nite2• 18/12/2023
Loading...This was the best choice for FNATIC, RazorK is too good not to have on the team
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ArfyPioneer Key Holder@Arfy• 18/12/2023
Loading...Have you improved your meow to the next level for 2024?
Avatar for knucks
knucks@knucks• 18/12/2023
Loading...Great news! hopefully his first title is on Fnatic this year! 🧡
Avatar for Moncho
MonchoPioneer Key Holder@moncho• 18/12/2023
Avatar for Catxalote
Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 18/12/2023
Loading...Just a GIGACHAD
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LeddignoCitizen Key Holder@Leddigno• 18/12/2023
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ueberbossCitizen Key Holder@ueberboss• 18/12/2023
Loading...Our captain im so proud
Loading...Why only until 2026?? It should be for life. VAMOSSSSSS FOQUITA PARA SIEMPREEEEE❤️❤️
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 18/12/2023
Avatar for Aleixito55
Aleixito55@Aleixito55• 18/12/2023
Loading...Question for Razork: which jungler are you looking forward to play against in this new season?
Avatar for feelzfrog
feelzfrog@feelzfrog• 18/12/2023
Loading...@razork why are you so fucking sexy bro?
Avatar for razork
razorkPro@razork• 18/12/2023
Loading...@feelzfrog Hahaha not sure about that one broo
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M.Citizen Key Holder@XIII• 18/12/2023
Loading...It makes me so happy. He deserves to be the next franchise player of fnatic alongside someone else. I was wondering @Razork, what convinced you to stay two more years considering the challenges you faced the past two years? 🧡🖤
Avatar for razork
razorkPro@razork• 18/12/2023
Loading...@XIII I feel like my DNA is Fnatic , even tho it was hard sometimes I have always felt at home here 🫶
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Loading...Glad to read that, i wish you great times to experience within the next years! Just have one question: Whats ur favourite food 1. in general / 2. from your home / 3. in Berlin?
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Avatar for Fnc-jageesh
Loading...Hope razork is joining noah on a karaoke stream after you guys win lec
Avatar for Zael
Zael@Zael• 18/12/2023
Loading...i got a heartattack when i saw the notification
Avatar for James
JamesCitizen Key Holder@James• 18/12/2023
Loading...Have you taught Jun how to swear in Spanish yet?
Avatar for mouheb
mouheb@mouheb• 18/12/2023
Loading...What is your favorite moment in fnatic ? 🧡🖤
Avatar for hassinouss
hassinouss@hassinouss• 18/12/2023
Loading...Razork, te muele el flamenco hombre?
Avatar for Kirengi
KirengiCitizen Key Holder@Kirengi• 18/12/2023
Loading...Common Fnatic W
Avatar for yayabrgb
yayabrgb@yayabrgb• 18/12/2023
Loading...What do you think about the new map changes ? What is the main challenge that you will face the coming season
Avatar for SaberGre
SaberGre@SaberGre• 18/12/2023
Loading...@razork is the next rekkles ? 🧡
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Loading...Eso cachorra mala cochina
Avatar for solinas__
solinas__@solinas__• 18/12/2023
Avatar for CashmereEmpire
Loading...Any recommendations for jungle champions to play next season to climb? @razork
Avatar for Ma_Ue
Ma_Ue@Ma_Ue• 18/12/2023
Loading...Nice bro! Hope you can win something finally
Avatar for Gureto
GuretoPioneer Key Holder@Gureto• 18/12/2023
Loading...God the notification scared the hell out of me 😂
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Loading...Now oscar pls , kings united
Avatar for ProfessorSucuk
Loading...No question but I admire your resilience and your development. Mechanically in-game but also the way you spread good vibes and can stay serious outside of the game. You are on track to become a legend of this beautiful organization :) Good luck for the new season!!
Avatar for Faravvyn
FaravvynPioneer Key Holder@Faravvyn• 18/12/2023
Loading...Why doing the ugly GenZ heart instead of the good old one, but still happy to have u stay longer in FNC and build a new legacy team around u
Avatar for Rotti
Rotti@Rotti• 18/12/2023
Loading...A continuar con la inquisición española foquita así si
Avatar for Vikingr
VikingrCitizen Key Holder@Vikingr• 18/12/2023
Loading...Hell yeah #AlwaysFnatic
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Loading...DALE NENE T.T
Avatar for twebs
twebs@twebs• 18/12/2023
Loading...Another year with the best jungler poggers
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ItNocturnePioneer Key Holder@ItNocturne• 18/12/2023
Loading...How much will you sell the yuumi underwear ?
Avatar for owenmelbz
owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 18/12/2023
Loading...🙌 let’s see that Brand jungle pop off! 🔥🔥🔥
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EnePioneer Key Holder@Ene• 18/12/2023
Loading...Favourite football team?
Avatar for Rachel
RachelOfficial@rachel• 18/12/2023
Loading...So happy to have razork as our jungler next year! ☺️
Avatar for Raquel
Raquel@rainwashh• 18/12/2023
Loading...let's goo
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Loading...Holy, don’t scare me like that! Uena suerte hermano
Avatar for 01noya
01noya@01noya• 18/12/2023
Avatar for Tontowers
Tontowers@Tontowers• 18/12/2023
Loading...we are winning worlds ![26D87221-D4D1-47DB-981B-BCC86FB0F73D.jpg](https://cdn.fnatic.com/community/8aac4582-7af5-43a5-9c36-135c3d3ccd32.jpg)
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Shyke@Shyke• 18/12/2023
Loading...Wait what🤩🤩🤩🤩 this is amazing 🧡🖤🧡🖤
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FlexPioneer Key Holder@Flex• 18/12/2023
Loading...Thank god it‘s good news
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SecarePioneer Key Holder@Secare• 18/12/2023
Loading...Razork for another year?? Yessss
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MonchoPioneer Key Holder@moncho• 18/12/2023
Loading...@Secare 2 more
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hannie@itzhannie• 18/12/2023
Loading...WOOO!! any thoughts or spoilers on the new 2024 pro jersey that you can give?👀 @razork
Avatar for razork
razorkPro@razork• 18/12/2023
Loading...@itzhannie No spoliers 👀
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YuukonPioneer Key Holder@Yuukon• 18/12/2023
Avatar for Frisky
FriskyPioneer Key Holder@Frisky• 18/12/2023
Loading...Why are you so handsome? Glad to have you!!