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Let's see the pets of fnatic fans! <3

Let's see the pets of fnatic fans! <3

Whether you got fluffy, scaly, or feathery friends, post pics of them below!! Luci and Lili say hi to all the cuties out there😍

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ervinjason@ervinjason• 05/09/2022
Loading...__W[app](!__ ![799f3d12-c6be-4b22-9a0d-f44ce4b4d53f.jpg](
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owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 09/08/2022
Loading...These two never cause any trouble… ![2425C7ED-7294-491E-A8BF-223799BBBFCE.jpeg]( ![50F49F5A-0BE6-4C7E-A4A4-32504DAC3780.jpeg](
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Fnatic SamOfficial@sam• 05/08/2022
Loading...I want one!!
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SharronPioneer Key Holder@Sharron• 05/08/2022
Loading...Freya the chair thief!![20220222_191800.jpg](
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Loading...@Sharron the queen has merely claimed her rightful throne!
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Ed GregoryOfficial@EJG23• 05/08/2022
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Loading...@EJG23 omg that fur!! so fluffy!! LET ME PET [giphy]Cbx4j02mlj320[/giphy]
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Finnlo1Pioneer Key Holder@Finnlo1• 05/08/2022
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Loading...@Finnlo1 a scaly friend!! I love him/her 😍
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LegendPioneer Key Holder@Leg3nd• 05/08/2022
Loading...These 2 say hi too :D ![IMG20200107101638.jpg](![IMG20201109185957.jpg](![IMG20200924170741.jpg](![IMG20200810163753.jpg](
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Loading...@Leg3nd aaa black pets are so freaking beautiful!! 😍 not to mention the total witchy vibes [giphy]sgVb9gX9DpYEo[/giphy]