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Breakfast Club Watchparty!

TheKC's avatarKC@TheKC31/05/2024

Breakfast Club Watchparty!

Anyone else attending the brunch & bangers Watchparty against FUT tomorrow morning? Come find me! I'll be in my signature orange beanie (sadly not official FNC merch but it'll do ahahaha) 🔥🔥🔥

If you're attending alone or for the first time, feel free to just come say hello for a hug and a nice easygoing chat 🧡

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Loading...Loved meeting you
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Loading...Great to be back 🧡 ![ea0431bd-5fcb-4163-80ab-b5b7ee3afacc.jpeg]( ![5740cd7d-a9ca-4735-ba09-245f26905f43.jpeg](
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KetKitsuneModerator@KetKitsune• 01/06/2024
Loading...@EmpressAzula You guys look amazing 🧡
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Loading...I would love a hug!
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KetKitsuneModerator@KetKitsune• 31/05/2024
Loading...Would love to 😭❤️
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Loading...Looking forward to seeing you again! ![54A710FB-995B-418B-A220-E7A9CF3BA993.jpg](
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KC@TheKC• 31/05/2024
Loading...@FuriousSyndrome YAY LIL BRO IS BACK
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Loading...@FuriousSyndrome Omg that’s soo cute, can’t wait to see lil bro in person!