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[Valorant] New Head Coach Update!

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[Valorant] New Head Coach Update!

We're very excited to announce our new VALORANT Head Coach soon, and want your questions to be part of our announcement!

Let us know in the comments below what you want to be answered and you might be featured in the video!

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Avatar for Nikit
Nikit@Nikit• 06/02/2024
Loading...Willing to see, who he is ☺️
Avatar for Catxalote
Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 31/01/2024
Loading...ELMAPUDDY THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar for Xandie42
Xandie42@Xandie42• 22/01/2024
Avatar for Catxalote
Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 21/01/2024
Loading...What happened to Elmapuddy?
Avatar for TK
TKModerator@AdamTKWallace• 22/01/2024
Loading...@FaNATICodeFNATIC Still Elma! It’s an old post!
Avatar for RekNiay
RekNiayCore Key Holder@RekNiay• 21/01/2024
Loading...Im so excited 🟠⚫️🟠⚫️
Avatar for Illumi_mayuth
Loading...Bonkar 🤩🤩
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 22/10/2023
Loading...@Illumi_mayuth Nope it’s been announced !
Avatar for Official Tei Meing
Loading...What is the new head coaches team values and how does he like to run a team? This will be interesting
Avatar for SadmanPinon do you deal with the expectations of managing the “most successful team “ in the history of the game? Working with a team that is nowadays considered a disappointment by many if it doesnt win lans do you think you have what it takes to lead the boys to even higher glory?
Avatar for TuxenLux
TuxenLux@TuxenLux• 18/10/2023
Loading...What are your greatest achievements in Valorant?
Avatar for Shyke
Shyke@Shyke• 18/10/2023
Avatar for deleted-caesars-typing-hell
Avatar for Ap0llo
Ap0llo@Ap0llo• 16/10/2023
Loading...How did he connect with FNC?
Avatar for shinkirune
shinkirune@shinkirune• 15/10/2023
Avatar for OssaFio
OssaFio@OssaFio• 13/10/2023
Loading...Good Luck coach LET'S destroy some noobs on valorant #FNCWIN
Avatar for krishnavl_1 you think you will fit in with this team and what do you want to accomplish in 2024
Avatar for chungus
chungus@chungus• 13/10/2023
Avatar for carlisleclair
Loading...he looks like sick HAAHHAAH
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 13/10/2023
Loading...@carlisleclair Fr so many people said that but I don’t think so
Avatar for Xenocs
Xenocs@Xenocs• 12/10/2023
Loading...Do you think back to back is unique or can it be done again?
Avatar for Bhututu
Bhututu@Bhututu• 12/10/2023
Loading...Would you like to have mini remain in Fnatic as assistant coach or would you love it?
Avatar for Abydaby
Abydaby@abydaby• 12/10/2023
Loading...What was your reaction when being accepted into fnatic and what are your goals for the 2024 season
Avatar for Dean Woodward
Loading...I just want to know we're keeping mini in som capacity! Otherwise welcome to whoever is next!
Avatar for fenek
fenek@fenek• 12/10/2023
Loading...what made you start a career as a coach
Avatar for Alex.fncz
Alex.fncz@Alex.fncz• 12/10/2023
Loading...How do you feel coming to a superstar roster?
Avatar for NAdrian
NAdrian@NAdrian• 12/10/2023
Loading...Will you be able to help the team with their communication during rounds? The comms during intense moments seem very chaotic and some pieces of information are gonna be lost cuz of that.
Avatar for mecakun
mecakunPioneer Key Holder@mck• 11/10/2023
Loading...Maybe a name that starts with a "b" and ends with an "r".
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...I think whoever it is will feel massive amounts of pressure to fill minis path and keep it going with the guys, however I think with a bit of time will adapt to this fun joyful hardworking team and bring us all joy once again
Avatar for fncmawei
fncmawei@fncmawei• 11/10/2023
Loading...What were some (if any) of the biggest problems of last year's team and how do you plan on fixing them as head coach? :)
Avatar for Animagician
Loading...How do you think you will elevate the team, and how do you think you will deal with the dynamic of Mini stepping back to assistant coach, since he's worked with the players for so long?
Avatar for leglet
legletPioneer Key Holder@leglet• 11/10/2023
Loading...What sort of working relationship do you expect to have with our beloved mini
Avatar for wan
wanCitizen Key Holder@wanna• 11/10/2023
Loading...Are your arms strong enough to lift many trophies? Kidding aside, since you’ll be working a lot with the IGL, how are you getting along with Boaster so far?
Avatar for Jijiyen
JijiyenCitizen Key Holder@Jijiyen• 11/10/2023
Loading...Gives a lil bit Bonkar vibes. HOPIUM
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 12/10/2023
Loading...@Jijiyen Could be
Avatar for sarita
sarita@sarita• 11/10/2023
Loading...Onur 🙃😂
Avatar for Catxalote
Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 21/01/2024
Loading...@sarita Esta en CASE no?
Avatar for Keniwann
Keniwann@Keniwann• 11/10/2023
Loading...What will do you bring to the team that wasn’t there before?!
Avatar for homework
homework@homework• 11/10/2023
Loading...How do you possibly improve a team with players who have achieved almost more than any other team?
Avatar for homework
homework@homework• 11/10/2023
Loading...This looks like Enzo Magnum hibrid. So probably just a fake silhouette for now. I do believe in cojo though, we'll get the best coach possible for this team
Avatar for eliot
eliot@eliot• 11/10/2023
Loading...What is your vision for the team going into next year?
Avatar for fonsi
fonsi@fonsi• 11/10/2023
Loading...Given your previous experiences, what can you bring to further elevate this back-to-back winning team with already-established systems and protocols?
Avatar for paavo
paavo@paavo• 11/10/2023
Loading...Welcome to Fnatic Coach. How do you plan on bringing Boaster to the next level concerning his K-pop dance game? Maybe full costumes and supporting cast? Will you force the team to partake in said dances to boost their effectiveness? If so do you intend to join in yourself? Thanks Coach.
Avatar for KRSL sw0rdzGG 🇵🇭
Loading...[A question for the soon to be announced Head Coach]: On a scale from 1-20, how grueling and draining can strategizing, analyzing, and managing be, along with how many hours are spent each week just for all of this?
Avatar for SillyMe
SillyMe@SillyMe• 11/10/2023
Loading...Which team are you looking forward to compete (destroy😏) first in the next season?
Avatar for sian
sian@sian• 11/10/2023
Loading...How does he plan on building trust with the team
Avatar for Mausss
Mausss@Mausss• 11/10/2023
Loading...The silhouette has hair, so.... No Onur? Sadge
Avatar for D.I.O.
D.I.O.Citizen Key Holder@DIO101• 11/10/2023
Loading...Have you contacted a psychiatrist already? Being in Fnatic is very stressful.
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 12/10/2023
Loading...@DIO101 Hahaha think we all need to do that as fans
Avatar for Alg
AlgCitizen Key Holder@Alg• 11/10/2023
Loading...How do boaster and yourself come up with game plans?
Avatar for Drasin
Drasin@Drasin• 11/10/2023
Loading...Guys we all know its Boaster
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 12/10/2023
Loading...@Drasin Hahaha maybe in the future
Avatar for fdcvfdsgv
fdcvfdsgv@fdcvfdsgv• 11/10/2023
Loading...what is your valorant coaching approach?
Avatar for endovlr
endovlr@endovlr• 11/10/2023
Avatar for maj3stic
maj3sticPioneer Key Holder@maj3stic• 11/10/2023
Loading...what should we be most excited for this year with what you’ll be bringing? (also welcome to fnatic, mysterious new head coach :D)
Avatar for Jhin Wick IV
Loading...Will Pearl still be a permanent ban?
Avatar for L0FiiX
L0FiiX@L0FiiX• 11/10/2023
Loading...welcome to the FNATIC family, how do you feel about working with the best team in the scene? are you gonna win us champions?
Avatar for fdcvfdsgv
fdcvfdsgv@fdcvfdsgv• 11/10/2023
Loading...what is boaster's best and worst habit
Avatar for Han-Dogo
Han-DogoCitizen Key Holder@Han-Dogo• 11/10/2023
Loading...Is there something in your mind already that you would like to change in the team (strategy, structure etc) or are you gonna build upon Mini's foundations
Avatar for Jenn !!
Jenn !!@sillygoofygg• 11/10/2023
Loading...are you nervous of stepping into mini's shoes after the run fnatic had this year ?
Avatar for Paudi
Paudi@Paudi• 11/10/2023
Loading...No way you got Chefstrobel signed 😱
Avatar for reex-x
reex-x@reex-x• 11/10/2023
Loading...Gotta be him ![584097f2-ce48-4b99-b0d4-6f39704b993e.jpeg](
Avatar for tpwk.yara
tpwk.yara@tpwk.yara• 11/10/2023
Loading...Do you like chocolate?
Avatar for tpwk.yara
tpwk.yara@tpwk.yara• 11/10/2023
Loading...Who is your main agent in Valorant?
Avatar for tpwk.yara
tpwk.yara@tpwk.yara• 11/10/2023
Loading...How does it feel to step into the footsteps of Mini? :)
Avatar for Pascal
Pascal@HappyPassi99• 11/10/2023
Loading...What is your goal to achiev with this Roster and this organisation in Valorant and how u will take of this?
Avatar for Lahm
LahmPioneer Key Holder@Lahm• 11/10/2023
Loading...Anderzz?!?!? 🙏🏻
Avatar for fdcvfdsgv
fdcvfdsgv@fdcvfdsgv• 11/10/2023
Loading...can you please put boaster on raze or jett so we can finally have our star player frag out
Avatar for jell
jell@1lyntek• 11/10/2023
Loading...To the head coach: So, are we finally going to let the team play on the map Pearl (if riot decides to bring it back) or is it still a hidden treasure?
Avatar for Ibby
IbbyCitizen Key Holder@Ibby• 11/10/2023
Loading...Are you committed to satisfy boasters {redacted} needs?
Avatar for fdcvfdsgv
fdcvfdsgv@fdcvfdsgv• 11/10/2023
Loading...@Ibby AYOOO?????
Avatar for Fiel
Fiel@Fiel• 11/10/2023
Loading...Who are you looking forward to working with in Fnatic?
Avatar for jell
jell@1lyntek• 11/10/2023
Loading...To our new head coach: how will you cope with the pressure of stepping into Mini's shoes and leading the team in the future after those two (b2b) championships?
Avatar for Stockfish24
Avatar for TikoSchi
TikoSchi@TikoSchi• 11/10/2023
Loading...Will he be using old strats aswell or new ones?
Avatar for nomadic
nomadic@nmdc• 11/10/2023
Loading...Whats your coaching style and how do you feel that will mesh with the team? 🤔
Avatar for TeeTee
TeeTee@TeeTee• 11/10/2023
Loading...How tall are you? (I have some strict expectations due to the previous coach.)
Avatar for Jacy
Jacy@Jacy• 21/10/2023
Loading...@TeeTee Asking serious questions right here ♥️
Avatar for Jacy
Jacy@Jacy• 11/10/2023
Loading...Will the changes to the head coach.. Could we expect to see the Pearl map as a potential pick in upcoming matches/season?
Avatar for Ceneto
Ceneto@Ceneto• 11/10/2023
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@Ceneto Great coach tbh
Avatar for Jacy
Jacy@Jacy• 11/10/2023
Loading...What specific goals or objectives does the team have for the upcoming season, and how will the head coach help achieve them?
Avatar for Franky
FrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky• 11/10/2023
Loading...How are we gonna we champs ?
Avatar for FNCNICK
Loading...Would you be willing to take indian players in team if we prove ourselves?
Avatar for IAmZveno
IAmZvenoCitizen Key Holder@IAmZveno• 11/10/2023
Loading...Is it boaster!?
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@IAmZveno Don’t think it will be him, however when he decides to stop competing then I think he could fill this roll easily
Avatar for itwillalwaysbeunclear
Loading...can boaster play yoru this year please?
Avatar for ItsKamer
ItsKamer@ItsKamer• 11/10/2023
Loading...How did you understand they were the right coach for this roaster?
Avatar for bikram_1
bikram_1@bikram_1• 11/10/2023
Loading...Real question is can you atleast match the level of Team of Fnatic VCT 2023? We aren't asking for better, make sure we don't retrograde.
Avatar for Kaiiyuto
KaiiyutoCitizen Key Holder@Kaiiyuto• 11/10/2023
Loading...Coming into a team and an environment that already has a solid foundation from the previous year, what are you looking to shakeup and change? Whether that be in-game or out of the game?
Avatar for gaulzen
gaulzen@gaulzen• 11/10/2023
Loading...Have you had the opportunity to meet with the Fnatic boys yet, and do you think you could beat Boaster in a game of table tennis? Good luck!! 🧡🖤
Avatar for La-Formulita
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@La-Formulita Hahaha this could be a picture to throw us off, potter is great tho I wouldn’t complain
Avatar for wackU
wackUCitizen Key Holder@wackU• 11/10/2023
Loading...are you ready to raise trophies with the same superman-strenght as Mini? 🤔
Avatar for FatalityMantis
Loading...First cereals, then milk or first milk then cereals?
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@FatalityMantis Cereal then milk, any other way is a crime 😂
Avatar for Babs
BabsCitizen Key Holder@Babs• 11/10/2023
Avatar for eclipse
eclipse@Doma367• 11/10/2023
Loading...who are you most excited to coach on the team? also welcome aboard!!
Avatar for AshRunsAway
Loading...What are you looking forward to most about the new position?
Avatar for skxlor
skxlor@skxlor• 11/10/2023
Loading...boaster stepping up
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@skxlor Blaster has way too long left playing he’s still so great
Avatar for bigbrain100
Loading...Do you think you will be able to meet the expectations set by this roster in the previous season?
Avatar for AshRunsAway
Loading...Wait is mini leaving???
Avatar for Arxiduc
Arxiduc@Arxiduc• 11/10/2023
Loading...@ashrunsawayyy Yeah geht does a step back for a better work-life balance. Maybe he will be now assisten coach
Avatar for Efe
Efe@Efe• 11/10/2023
Loading...@ashrunsawayyy Yep
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@ashrunsawayyy Mini stepped down
Avatar for AzraelDemen#pizza
Loading...Why remove Mini 🥺
Avatar for jell
jell@1lyntek• 11/10/2023
Loading...@AzrealDemen Mini stepped down voluntarily (no beef or whatever, he just wanted to have a better work life balance that’s all)
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@AzrealDemen He wanted to step down I think to spend more time away from this work life as was a bit too much for him ( I think )
Avatar for Madscot
MadscotPioneer Key Holder@Madscot• 11/10/2023
Loading...Exciting news! My question for our new coach: Since you're joining a very successful team with built in processes, what new elements do you think you can bring to make them even better and help them finally lift the Champions trophy next season?
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@Madscot Great question , all I know is they gonna go great places
Avatar for Chita
Chita@Chitaku• 11/10/2023
Avatar for Dhurumia
Dhurumia@Dhurumia• 11/10/2023
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@Dhurumia I doubt it, think it’s too early for him to come into a role like this
Avatar for Zael
Zael@Zael• 11/10/2023
Loading...Welcome to the Fnatic family, how do you feel coaching this team who won a back to back international trophy ?
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@Zael We don’t even know who it is yet 😂
Avatar for CAMPl
CAMPl@CAMPl• 11/10/2023
Loading...Let’s gooooo 🖤🧡
Avatar for Anti71
Anti71@Anti71• 11/10/2023
Loading...If you don't win you need to change If you change you need to win Let's go fnatic
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@Anti71 Let’s GOOoOoO
Avatar for darwin
darwinOfficial@darwin• 11/10/2023
Loading...Would you rather fight a kangaroo sized Mini or 100 Mini sized kangaroos?
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@darwin Great question but I think the first option
Avatar for Official Tei Meing
Loading...@darwin One mini size kangaroo
Avatar for pritz
pritzCitizen Key Holder@pritz• 11/10/2023
Loading...can’t wait to see derke as head coach
Avatar for Efncee
Efncee@Efncee• 11/10/2023
Loading...Johnny Sins
Avatar for owenmelbz
owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 11/10/2023
Loading...What are you looking forward to most, and how do you feel about filling Mini's incredibly large but small boots?
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@owenmelbz Hahaha I love this
Avatar for geno
geno@genochide• 11/10/2023
Loading...Is that boaster
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@genochide Bro boastee still playing
Avatar for Memuoryy-
Memuoryy-@Memuoryy-• 11/10/2023
Loading...Is this going to affect player performance? make them worse or better?
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@Memuoryy- Nothing can affect their performance
Avatar for smarterToby
Loading...I’m excited
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@smarterToby Me toooo let’s GOOOOOO
Avatar for Modular
Modular@Modular• 11/10/2023
Loading...Ain’t no way. You got Tarik as your new head coach
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@Modular Hahahaha imagine, I mean he is smart but I don’t think so
Avatar for Nell
Nell@Nell• 11/10/2023
Loading...Make mini great again
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@Nell Mini lives on
Avatar for Sodium
Sodium@Sodium• 11/10/2023
Loading...Why does he looks like sick
Avatar for ii.ehvb
ii.ehvb@ii.ehvb• 11/10/2023
Loading...@Sodium Ong
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@Sodium Hahaha I see it 😂
Avatar for SB49
SB49@SB49• 11/10/2023
Loading...Clickbaited but still can't wait to see mCe? 👀👀
Avatar for Dr1z
Dr1z@Dr1z• 11/10/2023
Loading...@SB49 Can’t waittttt
Avatar for Jespagai
Jespagai@Jespagai• 11/10/2023