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Just an above average gamer trying to learn how to be better from the best. Used to say I was a G2 fan but through them and their rivalry with Fnatic I became a fan(atic) of EU from NA. Happy Bee Emote

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Jhin Wick IVCore Key Holder
@JhinWickIVlast Saturday at 3:09 AM
Loading...I’ve been playing Fear and Hunger 2 and so far it’s frustratingly enjoyable though very graphic
Jhin Wick IVCore Key Holder
Loading...Started playing it in October, 2019. My infamous last words were “I will only play this game casually” 🫠
Jhin Wick IVCore Key Holder
Loading...I started playing Pokemon Soul Silver when I was 5 or 6 and it was probably the first game that I dumped 100+ hours into