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LEC Tickets Giveaway!

LEC Tickets Giveaway!

As an extremely spontaneous giveaway, we have secured some last minute LEC tickets for superweek! :fnatic:

The team are going to need all the support they can get as we fight for a playoff spot in the last week of the LEC Regular split!

As these tickets are short notice please ensure you are fully capable of attending before claiming these tickets. If you live far from Berlin, please ensure that the travel and accommodation costs are not an issue before you decide to claim these tickets as this is not covered.

In order to enter to win upvote this thread and comment below with reasoning as to why you should win these tickets!

The winner will receive a ticket for themselves and a friend!

We have tickets available for the following dates 📆

📆 Friday 12.08 : 1x Winners🎟️

📆 Saturday 13.08 : 3x Winners 🎟️

📆 Sunday 14.08 : 3x Winners🎟️

Carefully read the T&Cs here 👉 :

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Avatar for novastella
novastellaCitizen Key Holder@novastella• 15/08/2022
Loading...I want to win these tickets for my bf and I because he's the entire reason why I love fnatic. We just started dating last season and he’s a huge fnatic fan but I never watched esports in my life. I quickly got hooked and I started to love the games and players especially hyli haha. My bf bought us two matching fnatic jackets as well as he bought me a fnatic mouse so the team now has a big place in my heart. Thanks for listening and thats why I would love to win the tickets for us haha. :PP
Avatar for boomerzilean
Loading...Hi, my friend and I met up in berlin for this week and we tried to get tickets for LEC but sadly we were too late... would mean the world if we could get the tickets and see upset hyli in action securing playoffs!
Avatar for Georgester
GeorgesterPioneer Key Holder@Georgester• 12/08/2022
Loading...@boomerzilean #Deserved
Avatar for Georgester
GeorgesterPioneer Key Holder@Georgester• 11/08/2022
Loading...I should win the tickets because Adrian and I did a backwater deal so that he rigged the giveaway in my favour in return for promoting the forums. 😉 ![93F47C96-A7C7-49DA-85EA-C98CB141BF59.jpeg](
Avatar for TheyCallMeSir
Loading...Would be pretty pog to see the mad scientist and his apprentice live, beats watching them from home for sure 😅
Avatar for Malik
Malik@Malik• 11/08/2022
Loading...You´ll Jinx them, if you dont pick me... They won't win unless i attend the event, so dont Jinx the Team :D
Avatar for Yariet
YarietPioneer Key Holder@Yariet• 11/08/2022
Loading...Last time it was Worlds 2019 group stage, and we all know what happened there... Right?
Avatar for Vegatch
VegatchPioneer Key Holder@Vegatch• 11/08/2022
Loading...**Hello There** General Fnatic, I started playing and watching Pro League back in 2020. Since then I tried to play with my friend but he still rejects my offer. Taking him here to watch can change his perspective (don't worry he is Fnatic Fan just not League). It will be also my first live lol event. It's friday win then vitloss, playoffs what? But please no friday it ain't possible to come from obvious reasons 😉
Avatar for Linas
LinasPioneer Key Holder@Linas• 11/08/2022
Loading...Baron is red after substracting blue I would give tickets to Linas if I were you
Avatar for Georgester
GeorgesterPioneer Key Holder@Georgester• 12/08/2022
Loading...@Linas One team is Red, One team is Blue Georgester deserves tickets much more than you. 😉
Avatar for Linas
LinasPioneer Key Holder@Linas• 12/08/2022
Loading...@Linas @Georgester That's true, but tickets are out and one is for me I guess you were too late we both agree
Avatar for McRoyale06
McRoyale06@McRoyale06• 11/08/2022
Loading...i am watching lol esport and would love to see fnatic on stage
Avatar for Max
Max Pioneer Key Holder@Gaming-Gamer• 11/08/2022
Loading...I'd love to win and watch a game in person
Avatar for DepravedLunatic
Loading...9 Years ago, my best friend got me into watching eSports. He was a Fnatic supporter, and since I wasn't that i to eSports yet, I just casually decided to also support Fnatic. But the more I followed the team, their history and the brand, the more I fell in love with Fnatic. For me, Fnatic has always kept evolving and improving, not only physically, but also in my heart. From a Team I followed just because it's my best friends choice, to a sentimental banner of virtues I identify with, always keeping the opposition guessing, always delivering. I have never had the timing to be able to attend any eSports event yet, and it would mean the world to me if I could visit my favourite team for their final push into playoffs. Thank you to everyone who bothered reading. 🖤🧡
Avatar for Disconn3ct
Disconn3ct@Disconn3ct• 11/08/2022
Loading...Dear Fnatic - no matter who wins the giveaway congrats, all of our community would deserve it ❤️ i am a fnatic Fan since the beginning and thats why i would love to go to LEC for Support, otherwise i would for sure support fnatic on stream ❤️ #PlayOffs #Fnatic #WeWin
Avatar for Wutru
Wutru@Wutru• 11/08/2022
Loading...LET'S GO!! My gf is on vacation which means I'm all alone this weekend. My only plans were literally watching LEC in my Fnatic jersey on the couch. I would LOVE to travel to Berlin instead to cheer Fnatic on from the live studio. Kind regards, Wouter #alwaysfnatic
Avatar for Brukii
BrukiiCitizen Key Holder@Brukii• 11/08/2022
Loading...Heyo, I'm a fan of Fnatic since 2020. I was never in an esports event before and would love to be there to cheer for the team. #ALWAYSFNATIC #FNCWIN 🖤 🧡
Avatar for Kurohyou
KurohyouCitizen Key Holder@Kurohyou• 11/08/2022
Loading...i have been a fnatic fan since i knew what eSports is i have seen you years ago at gamescom and thats where i fell in love with league of legends and your organization i dont need to win the tickets to support you from home but i am lebanese so i can take on any army of the other teams even if i have to do it alone we stand behind you whatever happens and i know you are capable of beeing the best europe has to offer always on your side always fnatic
Avatar for Nexarius
Nexarius@Nexarius• 11/08/2022
Loading...Dear Fanatic, I never have been on much big tournaments cause it costs a lot to go there. It would be my dream to be able to visit the LEC. I wish all good luck who are participating but as well hope that I can visit the LEC for the first time! Thank you 🔥👋🏼 Edit: I would visit the LEC together with my father who is a huge fan too 😄
Avatar for Realm
Realm@Realm• 11/08/2022
Loading...I ask for these tickets for my son, who has a disabling pathology, and who took refuge in the world of LoL and who follows FNATIC in all its competitions, we had offered him a place for the Worlds in 2018, and never got over this defeat. Today for him, I ask you for these tickets to give him hope in the esport
Avatar for SidiaDev
SidiaDevPioneer Key Holder@SidiaDev• 11/08/2022
Loading...Finally living in berlin and now you can't get tickets... thought my time has come to finally see a live game, maybe you can make it true 😄 each of those dates would work for me. PS: My roommate has invited 6-8 people over the weekend, get me out of here x.x
Avatar for Rwulf
RwulfCitizen Key Holder@Rwulf• 11/08/2022
Loading...Hey, i would love to come and cheer them on, never been to berlin before but i live close enough by. #alwaysfnatic
Avatar for ExtraILarge
Loading...Holy Smokes! I have been trying to tickets for forever, I have been a fan since 2014 and always wanted to go to EU LCS/LEC but it never worked out for me, this would be so huge! If I could id go all 3 days. Good luck to everyone. Edit: Language
Avatar for Kory
KoryCitizen Key Holder@Kory• 11/08/2022
Loading...Tickets for Saturday would be soooo cool
Avatar for Pweasly
PweaslyPioneer Key Holder@Pweasly• 11/08/2022
Loading...Hey guys, Monday is back holidays in France. So it is the perfect timing for a black and orange weekend in berlin (not possible for me to join the crew on friday tbh)