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Loading...@238SAMIxD Heya! The goal is to try get the app to be the hub for Fnatic fans so yes we are transitioning this to exist on here. Will always be sure to ping people during the transition
FNATIC AdrianOfficial
Loading...Yeaaaahhhh so basically... Wanted to have my breakfast whilst REACTing to the football result last night...Recently been on a STREAK of eating quite healthy so have had loads of energy to BOLT around the place. Was in a rush so I had to finish my drink in a DASH. This breakfast is available on fnatic.com/shop use the discount code... I dont have a discount code, but you can find one somewhere 😃 ![IMG_3657.jpg](https://cdn.fnatic.com/community/ef704fcb-9b21-438b-bf32-241e1e1f022b.jpg)
FNATIC AdrianOfficial
Loading...Hello there!!! Lovely to see you on here! Would be cool to hear how you became a Fnatic fan?
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Hello everyone!
FNATIC AdrianOfficial
Loading...Wanna help us 'STEAL THE SCENE?' The upcoming VCT fixture against Team Liquid will see Fnatic host a community meet up in Berlin! 📆 13.04.23 📍Messe, Berlin :fnatic: vs Team Liquid 🐴 Some details of the meetup are as follows... - Over 50 Fnatic / ASOS prizes being given out - 50 special Fnatic Banners (feat. Cow Paulo) - Pro 23 Jersey's to be won Thanks to ASOS for allowing this to happen! Lets get together and show the world how powerful the Fnatic family is! Comment down below to let us know if you are going to be there! ![igs_4.png](https://cdn.fnatic.com/community/780c4b7d-c9ab-482b-b609-79b60534af12.png)