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Georgester Question of the Day (16-08-2022)

Georgester's avatarGeorgesterPioneer Key Holder@Georgester16/08/2022

Georgester Question of the Day (16-08-2022)

If you could create a new Fnatic Key and it had one special feature available (Alongside the current perks).

What would the key be called and what would be its purpose?

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Avatar for Abydaby
Abydaby@abydaby• 18/08/2022
Loading...DERKEY: Allows you to go derkin time
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LegendPioneer Key Holder@Leg3nd• 16/08/2022
Loading...The Versus Key: Let's you play versus a Fnatic pro player once every month
Avatar for AlexejVogel
Loading...Jersey-Key Be able to order any jersey Fnatic ever produced for life
Avatar for Quaxly
QuaxlyPioneer Key Holder@Quaxly• 16/08/2022
Loading...CEO-key: you are now the new CEO congrats 🎉
Avatar for owenmelbz
owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 16/08/2022
Loading...The "X10 Key" so @Georgester can combine his collection into 1 single key to claim all the jerseys his heart desired.
Avatar for Georgester
GeorgesterPioneer Key Holder@Georgester• 16/08/2022
Loading...@owenmelbz Now that seems like a pretty pog key to me. 😂😂
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RaZoKPioneer Key Holder@RaZoK• 16/08/2022
Loading...The Stalker Key - gives you access to Hyli hotel room 🤫
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GearlessPioneer Key Holder@Gearless• 16/08/2022
Loading...Master key, give you the ability to create a limited and numered merch
Avatar for 1FreshBanana1
Loading...Fnatic Fisher Key. lets you go on fishing trips with hyli