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@1FreshBanana1yesterday at 8:13 AM
Loading...Fnatic, oh mighty team In the realm of e-sports, you reign supreme With lightning-fast reflexes and strategical minds You dominate the competition and leave them behind Your teamwork is second to none As you conquer game after game Your fans cheer you on As you claim victory in your name With grace and poise You play with precision and skill A true testament To your hard work and will Fnatic, oh proud and mighty team We stand in awe of all that you achieve Here's to many more victories In the world of e-sports, you'll always lead.
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Loading...My 5 People: Adrian - The Goat. Will bribe any guard with fnatic gear. Sam - Dont actually need him, but I want to convince him to make the Fnatic Bra Hylissang - The Professor. His insanity either makes us rich or we will go to jail for a long time Pete - The Contentman. The heist is not enough. You make big bank with the content which will get produce of the heist. (hope it counts) Olofmeister - The Boostmeister. Takes out every guard from a high position. Bonus question: I want to see every fnantic fan in a bra for the ultimative bra buff. so yes