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Loading...A schedule for the played games maybe with a tournament table where you can see fnatics standing in the specific game
Loading...Current or are old ones okay to? For me: 1. Boaster. I'm still super now to Valorant FNC but he seems like a super fun dude. 2. Hylissang in my eyes the GOAT of fnatic. I really like him and his fishing skills could be super helpful. Last but not least 3. Olofmeister. No coconut is save from the legendary Boostermeister.
Loading...ESL One Cologne 2015 - Grand Final Map 1. I watched the cologne finals in a cinema with my friends, the hype was unreal. If I remember right we had a horrible start but we did a total 180 still on map one. It was Dust 2. The absolute legendary moment I will never forget was, the moment one of the enyvus players peaked mid only to be greeted by 4 AWPs. The team was: Olofmeister, Krims, JW, Flusha and Pronax
Loading...Hylissang 100%. This dude is an absolute monster on the rift and in my eyes one of the best supports in leagues history, but he is always down to earth and super chill in reallife.