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[Gamescom] BEEF JERKY PUN CHALLENGE! (Thursday 25.08.22)

[Gamescom] BEEF JERKY PUN CHALLENGE! (Thursday 25.08.22)

This challenge is open to any booth visitor who would like to participate. :fnatic:

  • Write down your best Beef Jerky related pun below
  • Our team and the crowd will choose the best one at our booth!

An dieser Herausforderung darf jeder Standbesucher teilnehmen. :fnatic:

  • Schreibt uns euren besten Beef Jerky Pun unten in die Kommentare
  • Unser Team und die Zuschauer waehlen den besten Pun an unserem Stand!


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Avatar for kingkurt1973
Loading...where’s the beef?
Avatar for duwid
duwid@duwid• 27/08/2022
Loading...Jungs, ich hab hunger, ich muss kurz auf toilette, mein beef jerken
Avatar for Chaos-D
Chaos-D@Chaos-D• 27/08/2022
Loading...Remember the good old days when you could walk into a gas station with $1 and walk out with two bags of chips, beef jerky and a soda? Nowadays, there's cameras everywhere...
Avatar for Abydaby
Abydaby@abydaby• 26/08/2022
Loading...i know this is late but what did the vegan customer say when ordering in front of the aggressive employee "I just dont want any beef okay."
Avatar for Igasaki92
Igasaki92@Igasaki92• 26/08/2022
Loading...Let s be a jerky
Avatar for Krethic
Krethic@Krethic• 25/08/2022
Loading...Do you eat Beef Jerky or play League of Legends? because you are kind of salty
Avatar for TheCakeIsALie
Loading...knock knock. who‘s there? sup, Jerk. Hey, you want some beef?
Avatar for 6Ru3N
6Ru3N@6Ru3N• 25/08/2022
Loading...du hast erst den Endgegner besiegt, wenn du den "beef jerky buff" dabei hast
Avatar for Hornysnake
Hornysnake@Hornysnake• 25/08/2022
Loading...Selbst Vegetarier buffen sich damit
Avatar for RickI30N
RickI30N@RickI30N• 25/08/2022
Loading...what is chunky and bites when angry? Beef Jerky
Avatar for Pikabine
Pikabine@Pikabine• 25/08/2022
Loading...Wahts bwef jerky? Dried parts of a cow that had Parkinsons
Avatar for Rimi93
Rimi93@Rimi93• 25/08/2022
Loading...Lets beef you later!
Avatar for RickI30N
RickI30N@RickI30N• 25/08/2022
Loading...hey Jerk, got something on your mind?- Just need some Beef
Avatar for Schnuffel1
Schnuffel1@Schnuffel1• 25/08/2022
Loading...You know you are addicted to league when you are in a fistfight and only try to lasthit
Avatar for KingCoast
KingCoast@KingCoast• 25/08/2022
Loading...Wie nennt man ein sexsüchtiges Fleischklößchen? Fickadelle!
Avatar for Forteng0211
Avatar for BuddyFluff
BuddyFluff@BuddyFluff• 24/08/2022
Loading...What did the beef jerky say to the pork jerky? Nice to meat you.
Avatar for Raman-
Raman-@Raman-• 24/08/2022
Loading...jack, can you send me the link for the League of Legends ProTein?