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AllGuess My ELOYasuo combo / key blade 

Yasuo combo / key blade

Yasuo combo / key blade


Summoner name: masterfunguy (recent name : LRD VOLDEM0RT)

Region: EUW

Champion: Yasuo

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Avatar for Tilemagija
Tilemagija@Tilemagija• 29/08/2022
Loading...Casual Yasuo things. Jk nice one !
Avatar for masterfunguy
Loading...@Tilemagija thank you hahahaha
Avatar for Ya--Mi
Ya--Mi@Ya--Mi• 27/08/2022
Loading...i rlly liked the double E Qs ,gg wp
Avatar for masterfunguy
Loading...@Ya--Mi thank you !
Avatar for daxour
daxour@daxour• 27/08/2022 very nice kill
Avatar for masterfunguy
Loading...@daxour thx maan