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Is this a good play?

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Marineym09@Marineym09• 31/10/2023
Loading...@[mini crossword]( Looks great. I'm just starting to get used to the game.
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Loading...for me adc is a hard role to play so yea its a very good play gj
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Loading...It is my dude, it is ! Wp
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Tilemagija@Tilemagija• 29/08/2022
Loading...@YoneGod-tier 😊
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Loading...Even if heal succeeded. Never heal support , if R wasn't used on lee taric could of lived
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FNC-Glonce@FNC-Glonce• 29/08/2022
Loading...@MilosTristan What do you mean never heal support. League is not black and white
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Tilemagija@Tilemagija• 29/08/2022
Loading...@MilosTristan Yea R was rushed. But the supp is my gf so you do heal support :D