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Hyli, Take Notes !

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Loading...WTF huge clip, hope he will go to the guess my rank
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Loading...@HydreFunky13 Thank you mate! I've been watching every episode so far, but I believe my clip is just too short for them to use/judge in a video 😢
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diipsy@diipsy_jv• 13/08/2022
Loading...that's awesome dude wp
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Loading...@diipsy_jv Thanks! Made my day!
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Loading...Sick play Bob!
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Loading...@FNATIC-Adrian Thaaaanks!
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Loading...I should add that this play was done before Pyke's Ultimate nerf, recorded in May 2021, but hopefully still worth of sharing. Summoner name doesn't match, because I did a name change in the end of 2021.