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Chaos LyulfModerator
@ChaosLyulflast Sunday at 9:07 AM
Loading...I play a lot of singleplayer games from different genres. But, currently i'm mostly playing Avatar:Frontiers of Pandora, Valheim and Nordic Ashes. The last is a bullet hell/roguelike such as vampire survivor and is really worth it. Also great to play when you only have 30min. Im a bit in the viking theme lately again, haha.
Chaos LyulfModerator
Loading...No internet? Well then I can't answer Valheim as im playing on a server. It most likely will be either Baldurs Gate 3 or Dragon Age Inquisition. Cuz I can keep putting hours into by either playing or just making characters and writing backstories. If im not in the mood for RPGs the moment it happens I would go for Enshrouded or Planet Zoo. With Enshrouded and Planet Zoo i can be really creative and there is nothing to distract me now.
Chaos LyulfModerator
Loading...Mario bros on the NES is how i got first introduced to gaming as a 4/5 year old probably haha. What got me fully hooked to gaming was AC2, Dragon Age and RuneScape when I was a kid.