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Being a fan of the FNATIC LoL team since season 1, I'm now excited to be part of this huge community. Can't believe that I can call myself Co-Owner of FNACTIC even ...

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FedEagleCitizen Key Holder
Loading...@FedEagle Also I still can’t find Boasters Bandana 😂😋
FedEagleCitizen Key Holder
Loading...Is it just me or is every reasonable jersey or jogger size already out of stock? 🙁 M or L sold out one hour after Black Friday sale release 😩
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Loading...A trick to drink lots is to keep the open bottle in your hand while doing something else, you will drink automatically 😁
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Loading...I am from Berlin, but having seen Fnatic watch parties, I‘d go to London. They seemed the most fun to be and if I’m not mistaken it’s close to HQ.
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