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Loading...**Hello everyone**! My name is Elenia, aka Lilyren, I'm 23, I'm from Italy and I have always been absolutely in love with gaming world. My gaming story started when I was *very* young thanks to my dad, who always loved racing games and decided to teach me how to play with the steering wheel he had for his videogames. Since those days I've always been fascinated with the whole concept behind videogames, the possibility of trying things and living experiences who would never exist in the real world. My journey went on with my first *Nintendo DS Lite*, my *Nintendo Wii* and my *PSP*, but as I grew older I finally found what type of games were made for me: shooting games. Since the day I tried some games of the *Call of Duty* saga I knew that I would always be in love with them. I have to say the truth, it hasn't been the easiest thing in the world trying to make my parents understand that I liked videogames more than romantic movies and I'm pretty sure they still have a lot of questions about it but it's okay. Even if my world made of games was amazing I still didn't know that were millions of people out there who had the same passions as least until 2015 when I discovered a game called League of Legends and I saw player and fans that were able to fill entire arenas, just like rockstars do when they're on tour. From that day I knew that I wanted to see with my own eyes that world. A while later I discovered a platform called Twitch and I found amazing people who I really love and admire, like Giorgio "Pow3r" Calandrelli, a player that I really look up to because of everything he has achieved and the amazing person he is (who I also had the honor to meet during Milan Games Week 2021); I started to meet new people who I quickly became friends and great travelling companions for this journey in this amazing gaming world. Right now I play a lot of Call of Duty: Warzone and MW2, but I am SO ready to give my all in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and DMZ I don't want this presentation to be very long so I just wish you all a lot of W and as I always say: "Ad Maiora!". #ALWAYSFNATIC