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Welcome to our Community Forums! We'd love to get to know you!

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We want to get to know you, so tell us about the games you play, what got you into esports, who your favourite players are and much more?

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ItsLilyren@ItsLilyren• 10/11/2022
Loading...**Hello everyone**! My name is Elenia, aka Lilyren, I'm 23, I'm from Italy and I have always been absolutely in love with gaming world. My gaming story started when I was *very* young thanks to my dad, who always loved racing games and decided to teach me how to play with the steering wheel he had for his videogames. Since those days I've always been fascinated with the whole concept behind videogames, the possibility of trying things and living experiences who would never exist in the real world. My journey went on with my first *Nintendo DS Lite*, my *Nintendo Wii* and my *PSP*, but as I grew older I finally found what type of games were made for me: shooting games. Since the day I tried some games of the *Call of Duty* saga I knew that I would always be in love with them. I have to say the truth, it hasn't been the easiest thing in the world trying to make my parents understand that I liked videogames more than romantic movies and I'm pretty sure they still have a lot of questions about it but it's okay. Even if my world made of games was amazing I still didn't know that were millions of people out there who had the same passions as least until 2015 when I discovered a game called League of Legends and I saw player and fans that were able to fill entire arenas, just like rockstars do when they're on tour. From that day I knew that I wanted to see with my own eyes that world. A while later I discovered a platform called Twitch and I found amazing people who I really love and admire, like Giorgio "Pow3r" Calandrelli, a player that I really look up to because of everything he has achieved and the amazing person he is (who I also had the honor to meet during Milan Games Week 2021); I started to meet new people who I quickly became friends and great travelling companions for this journey in this amazing gaming world. Right now I play a lot of Call of Duty: Warzone and MW2, but I am SO ready to give my all in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and DMZ I don't want this presentation to be very long so I just wish you all a lot of W and as I always say: "Ad Maiora!". #ALWAYSFNATIC
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clapadoz@clapadoz• 06/11/2022
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Loading...Hey guys o/ I'm Mars, or Matt if you prefer, a 24 years old goon from Italy and I am a big League player. I am coming back from a long, like year-long, hiatus from the game, jumping head first into esports and FNC again. I played the game since its early days, but at the time I kept leaving and coming back to it without much of a constant, as I was also very, very young. It was around my 18th birthday that I started taking the game more seriously. As an older guy, I started understanding the game a little bit, and I did discover a new flame for competitiveness. So I started grinding, to better myself, and for how humble of a goal it would be, reaching gold was at the time the objective. But during the road, the competitive scene started catching my eye; after all, if I wanted to get better, watching the best play the game could only benefit me. So, without a single clue of how anything worked at the esport level, I started watching. See, at first, I was really lost because I was asking myself "Who should I cheer for? How do I know who I like? Watching them play doesn't tell me much about the players, they all play the same to me". But then I saw them: the black and orange. Bwipo, Broxah, Caps, Rekkles, Hillysang. To this day, still my favorite FNC lineup. I was stunned by this mass of a man that was their jungle, that goofy, sassy dude they had for a top laner, and this apparent superstar that was their ADC. So I kept watching them, following their games, and little by little, interview by interview, I started knowing them more and getting familiar with them. Cheering and mourning with them at every win and defeat. And fate would have that in that exact year, these guys would bring me over for a journey for the grand finals of Worlds. The same year I reached gold for the first time. And even if the Cinderella story didn't get its happy ending, since those days, I've been a FNC fan ever since. Well, that's the story! Other details may be that I am a former top laner swapping to jungle after the said hiatus, this time aiming for high/mid plat after I got to gold 1 last time I ranked ^^ with all that said, hyped for worlds and LET'S GO FNATIC!!! [giphy]l378ckGy4jmDvd1T2[/giphy]
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Abydaby@abydaby• 01/07/2022
Loading...Heyo heyo! I'm Abydaby (if we ever encounter just call me aby) and I'm a MASSIVE VALORANT fan. Been watching the roster since last year Iceland and been in love with the team AND org since. A little thing bout myself is that I am disabled with something called muscular dystrophy, However I'm still a gaming golem with nothing stopping me to grind! I went from iron 1 all the way to plat 1 and I don't see my self stopping any time soon and WILL reach radiant one day. The Valorant team are my main source of inspiration to continue to grow and not let my disability to limit me! Now I'm not part of the org just a supporter but feel as I've joined a massive family who look at me for who I am :D. I originally started my gaming career on overwatch when it came out. Now I was probably one of if not THE worst player to touch the game (bronze for 5 years) but really enjoyed myself a lot! I transitioned to Valorant in December 2020 and being part of the valorant community has made me feel included and welcomed, similarly FNATIC has too! I wish to continue being apart of this community and will always try represent my team and my org
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Depa@Fnatic-Depa• 29/06/2022
Loading...Good evening Fnatic I am super excited to play for this fantastic team. it all started when I was 10 when I started watching competitive gameplay so I thought about starting my career in game history. as a first game i started with fifa then a fortnite then a call of duty warzone and then a valorant. at the age of 13 I joined a competitive team in my country where we won many cups, prizes etc. with the passage of time I decided to leave because of the study so I began to descend into the competitive world until one night, however, I dreamed of winning a lot of competitive tournaments. the next morning I woke up saying I have to start replaying the competitive one. It's been about 2 years when I thought since I got back into the competition because I don't apply to Fnatic maybe they would take me. so I made a request 3 months ago and that's how I entered one of team most competitive teas in the world. I started crying for this news because it is every kid's dream to join the Fnatic Network, so for me it was a victory, a charge of adrenaline. So today in 2022 on gaming my competitive name is Fnatic Depa. i forgot soon i will start live on twitch come and find me type on the bar search for the name ayardepattv. #AlwaysFnatic 🧡🖤
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Tijana | FnaticOfficial@Tijana• 30/06/2022
Loading...@Fnatic-Depa Such an amazing journey, welcome to the team 🖤🧡
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Kxngviii@kXng• 22/06/2022
Loading...Hey! I'm Kai also known as "Kxng" orrr "Kxngviii" Online. I'm a streamer/creator from London UK 😀 I specialise in FPS games, at the moment specifically Apex Legends and Valorant and a little bit of CSGO because that's what I grew up on! Funny enough, CSGO is what actually got me into esports. I've been a fan ever since. ( probably since back in 2013 ) It's definitely been on my bucket list to play at a professional level and I hope I can one day achieve that. I live for competitive gaming, it's definitely one of my favourite things about gaming. I'd love to connect with more people who feel as passionately about competitive play as I do! Apart from that I'm just your regular 20 year old from London, aside from streaming and creating gaming content one of my hobbies are graphic design & photography. to be honest, art in general is just great. I also am somewhat a tech enthusiast of the sorts, so if any of those things are of your interest get in touch like I said I'd love to meet more likeminded people! I am also a streamer for the FNATIC network, so come say hi! Thanks for reading look forward to connecting with some of you 😉
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Loading...@kXng Glad to have you involved in the Network! 💪
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Tijana | FnaticOfficial@Tijana• 30/06/2022
Loading...@kXng Hi! 👋
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Loading...Hey ! 😀 I am Oceane aka Queen_AceOne_ , i'm a streamer and animator. I play a lot of things but mainly call of duty, and I have start my own servor on arma reforger if somebody know this game ^^. I'm a gamer since I was little , starting with the megadrive, snes, n64, gameboy, gamecube, wii playstation .. until today on PC ! I am a part of Fnatic Network :fnatic: since a few month i'm happy to be part of fnatic and enjoy to discover new people I'm from France in the south west for the moment but i'll moove asap 😃 Have a good day ! And don't hesitate to dm me to talk of whatever you like #ALWAYSFNATIC :fnatic: 🧡
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Pewson@Pewson• 16/06/2022
Loading...Hello Indonesia? I'm Pew, I love to play game and love to learn something new. Always ready to take up new challenges. I'd like to know more about Fnatic! So, rock on!
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Loading...@Pewson Hello neighbour!! (im malaysian!) Keep your eyes on the forums as there is always cool new stuff happening!
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FNC MatiCitizen Key Holder@mati• 14/06/2022
Loading...Hi, my name is Mati, aka mtkzer, and I was born in Krakow, Poland but have been living in the UK since I was 4 months old. My love of gaming stemmed from the PSP my uncle had sent me from Japan, where he worked there in the automotive industry. I instantly fell in love with titles like Ridge Racer, the LEGO Star Wars franchise and lesser know Tokobot (I highly recommend). I then moved onto the PS3, then the PS4, and now PC. I don't really play video games competitively, as all my friends are still on console, but I mainly drool over skins in CS:GO, occasionally hopping into the odd retake server. I fell in love with FNATIC in 2018, when I came across the Olof flaming defuse edit on YT, and for some reason teared up. In 2020, I had the chance to attend the IEM Katowice tournament, but then COVID happened, so I had to watched it at the local KFC with a Renegades fan I had met. JW is my favourite CS:GO player (rooting for Eyeballers on the side xD). I mainly play games like Valorant and CS:GO, with a side of Apex and League here and there, and hopefully want to start sim racing. Happy to meet you all, have a nice dayyyyy! Oh and #ALWAYSFNATIC :fnatic: 🧡 🖤
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wackUCitizen Key Holder@wackU• 14/06/2022
Loading...Yo, my name is Davide better known as wackU, I was born in Italy in 2003. I've always been a Nintendo player since I was 7, and then a console player since 10. In 2017 I started my adventure in Rainbow Six: Siege, where I became a console pro player from 2019 to 2021, then I left, but sometimes I love playing it, now with mouse and keyboard! In 2020 I played for the first time Call of Duty: Warzone on console, my main game! Since the first day I was not that bad until I started grinding day by day to try to become a very nice player! Since january of this year I became a semi-pro in this game with mouse and keyboard after 2 years playing with controller, loving my new incredible kd in rebirth island ;) Nowadays, I play some other games too, including Valorant, Fortnite, FIFA and Apex! Last but not least, I'm part of the big family! :fnatic: 🥰
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Just1KBPioneer Key Holder@Just1KB• 14/06/2022
Loading...Hi, My name is Kai aka Just1kb Gaming since I was 8, with mostly old-school GBA and DS titles, I Built my first PC at 15 and have been pc gaming ever since. I have been a Fnatic Network Streamer for just under 2 years now and live in the south of England in sunny Dorset :) I've been playing League since the end of Season 2. I peaked in Master tier playing Darius for the last 3 seasons with the goal of hitting Grandmaster this season! Other games I enjoy include Horizon forbidden West, Monster Hunter, Fifa, and any Sonic the Hedgehog games! Off stream, I am a full-time Self-employed Draughtsman while also competing in regular Tennis Tournaments.
Avatar for Stapus
StapusCitizen Key Holder@Stapus• 14/06/2022
Loading...Hey Everyone! My name is Taylor aka Stapus I have been a streamer for Fnatic Network for the past 2 years! I live in Los Angeles, CA. I love to play LoL, TFT, VALORANT, and Fortnite! I look forward to getting to know the community more
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Rach@chumbyGal• 14/06/2022
Loading...hello friends! my name is Rachel aka chumbyGal :blob-sunglasses: I am a part of Fnatic Network :fnatic: still pretty new, but it's been really great getting to meet everyone and see some excellent creators :peepoblush: I'm from Portland, OR, USA but moved down to California a few years ago :blobdancetings: - started playing video games with my family when I was little (think Age of Empires, Pocky & Rocky, Bomberman...) - introduced to esports when my best friend showed me xPeke! - began playing League in 2012... I'm not very good :pepehands: - started playing Valorant within the last year... again... I'm not very good :pepehands: - other games that I like include: Stardew Valley, Spiritfarer, and Harvest Moon ❤️ - aside from streaming/gaming, I work in HR in the medical field. I also teach music on the side, and dabble in performance as well. I have 2 dogs and a cat, and I really love going on hikes and listening to True Crime podcasts :peepoblush: please say hi I love to make friends and I'm so happy to be here :fnatic: :peepoclap:
Avatar for Tijana | Fnatic
Tijana | FnaticOfficial@Tijana• 21/06/2022
Loading...@chumbyGal Hii Rachel 👋😎 Nice to meet you 🧡
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ellies@ellies• 14/06/2022
Loading...hihihihi ! my name is ellie :) Just recently joined Fnatic Network! :fnatic: It has been so fun and welcoming! 💗 - Started playing video games when i was 11 (mostly fps) :hypers: - Just got into Valorant this year! im not the greatest but its always fun playing with friends :kekw: - Never been to an event/convention so this years TwitchCon will be my first! super excited for it!! :blobdancetings: happy to meet you all !! :catjam:
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msvosch@msvosch• 13/06/2022
Loading...Hellooooo, I'm Veronica aka msvosch. :peepoblush: Been a part of Fnatic Network for over 2 years now, and loving it!! :shiny_fnatic: - Been playing Valorant since the Beta, and it's been my favorite game ever since. Very excited for VCT to get an audience, so I can cheer on Fnatic in person and not just in chat!! - Used to play a looot of World of Warcraft, started in Lich King (main: mw, monk) - Been gaming all types of games for as long as I can remember :blob-sunglasses: Nice meeting you all!
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Loading...Hi, I'm Marco aka Divine, I am a 18 motion designer based in Italy. - I've always loved videogames but my first esport title has been valorant - I am very bad at valorant (peak diamond by miracle) - I started being a fnatic fan when I found Pow3r, since then i've been under the orange flag. - As said earlier I am a motion designer and my goal is to do it full time in the sector of esports
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nZennPioneer Key Holder@nZenn• 11/06/2022
Loading...- Real name is Nicolai but IGN is nZenn - Been following esports since roughly 2010 - Started with Heroes of Newerth and fell in love with the Fnatic.MSI squad - Attended 3 live events, biggest being spring finals 2018 in Copenhagen Most of my pics through time is gone, but i still have this and going back still one of the best days in my life. ![IMG_20190212_161118.jpg](
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SineexPioneer Key Holder@Sineex• 10/06/2022
Loading...Hi everyone :D I am Xheinis but my nickname online is Sineex (Maybe you can see some similarities between the names XD), i have been playing since 2005, i was like two years old and this is all thanks to my uncle! Some other infos about me: - I am 19 years old living in Italy but i even have albanian origins :party-parrot: - I love gaming and to program games :peepoclap: - My dream is to compete in esport, possibly in valorant (gimme a teeeeeam XD) or at least to become a game developer somewhere! :selfiesam: - Giorgio Pow3r Calandrelli and Alessandro Stermy Avallone have been the living legends i have grown up with!:pepedance: - I love gym XD :beefmode: Glad to meet you all my friends, have a nice daaaaaay! :D
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crumb1eOfficial@crumb1e• 10/06/2022
Loading...Hello everyone! I'm Dan, a Software Engineer here at Fnatic :golden: My first exposure to the world of esports was with WoW arena, but once I saw that xPeke backdoor at IEM - I was hooked. These days I'm a huge ARPG fan, and spend most of my time playing Path of Exile. I helped build the community forums with @owenmelbz @darwin & @far, and look forward to seeing this platform grow! :catjam: 🖤 🧡
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owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 01/07/2022
Loading...@crumb1e 🙌 🙌 🙌
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owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 19/10/2022
Loading...@crumb1e @far how you dooin
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JBganggangOfficial@jbganggang• 09/06/2022
Loading...What up family 🧡 I'm Josh, Head of Marketing at Fnatic. - First introduced to the world of Fnatic/esports via Tekkz (our all-star FIFA player), now proudly #AlwaysFnatic ⚡️ - Addicted mobile gamer (Wild Rift, Apex Legends, Call of Duty are my go-tos if anyone wants to play HMU 👏🏼 - Run a music magazine in my spare time and love how music is blending more with gaming - favourite video game music producer is Kenta Nagata at Nintendo 🎵
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The DoctorPioneer Key Holder@The-Doctor• 09/06/2022
Loading...Hello there. I'm Doc, a fellow German who became a first and foremost a Devilwalk Fan after watching [SPELA MODIGT // PLAY BRAVELY - Fnatic and Devilwalk at Dreamhack Winter 2013]( in February 2014. The logical conclusion was to root for Fnatic ever since and when I transitioned from CS:GO to LoL 7 years ago, I stuck with Fnatic. ⬛ 🟧 Over the years I've been competing with *KTQXI* for the most fnatic merch owned and became over the years, if I humbly say so myself, a louder voice within the Fnatic Community. Including all the good and bad that came with it. I first met the LoL team in 2017 at the then EU LCS Spring Finals in Hamburg and since then travelled to the Worlds Group Stage in 2019 and also the World Finals 2019 in Paris. Some other maybe more or less random facts: - I mostly play League nowadays, with small endevours into other games like LoR or the occasional CS:GO. - I was one of the first people to fully dive into the Fnatic Nations app a few years ago, even running a prediction tournament on it and later on was approached by the developers to apply for one of the jobs at the company. - During Worlds 2019 Group Stage I was interviewed across multiple days by various tv crews who were filming for documentarys. To this day I do not know if one of them eventually made it on screen somewhere. - I was the volunteer staff manager & editor in chief for Summoner's Inn from September 2015 to January 2017. - Founded the IFB - Podcast with Madscot, who I am in a love/hate relationship with. He will always be the worse league player 😘 Below some pictures attached. Last picture was taken after Fnatic clutched out Worlds 2019 Group Stage. And yes, I was blessed by Faker! ![W3DWxIX.jpg]( ![3- FTlduK5.jpg]( ![JhUv6aV - Imgur.jpg]( ![4 - DArfQKA.jpg](
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RaZoKPioneer Key Holder@RaZoK• 11/06/2022
Loading...@The-Doctor There is only one voice of FNC 🤣
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LahmPioneer Key Holder@Lahm• 09/06/2022
Loading...Hello my fellow Fnatic fans, nice to meet you all. Like many of you I became a Fnatic fan from the xPeke & Cyanide iterations of Fnatic, but moved onto playing CSGO and now Valorant where I support the Orange & Black now. A few useless facts about me! - I'm English living in Australia (3am matches woohoo) - I play Valorant, peaked Diamond 3 but am currently down bad. Outside of Competetive games I've been a fan lf Bethesda style RPGs since I first played Morrowind. - I'm a big fan of Football and F1, that competive spirit feels so much more alive in esports sometimes. The passion and drive from players and fans got me invested in esports and kept me around. - xPeke and Cyanide were definitely two favourites as Fnatic legacy players, they were just two incredible personalities while being insane players. These days I'm a Mistic and Boaster fanboy, while I love their go kill strategies, the way the British boys have been able to play any role to the highest level since SUMN FC days to now is incredible. - I finish my International Relations degree this year, hoping to travel to Europe and watch some Fnatic CSGO, Valorant and League live and at a reasonable time as well as meet my fellow Fnatic fans. Thanks for reading!
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MadscotPioneer Key Holder@Madscot• 08/06/2022
Loading...Hey everyone 👋 I'm Madscot, a weird mix of French and Scottish who became a Fnatic aficionado since 2013 when I first stumbled onto LoL esports and video interviews of xPeke. Ever since I support Fnatic across all their titles, even the ones I do not play or understand. *A few things about me:* - I had the chance to meet the 2017 team at the Bunkr in London and catch the Quarter Finals of Worlds 2015 in London. - I currently run a podcast on the Fnatic League team called "Inside Fnatic's Brush", on days before LEC weekends. I'd love to see you there sometime: - Current games I'm on are League, CSGO, Valor and a bunch of stuff on my Switch. You can read my rants about my teammates on the Fnatic discord 👀 - 6 years ago I applied for an internship as Assistant Business Developer for Fnatic and made an insane use case for a Partnership with Lufthansa. I wish I still had my presentation somewhere. 😭 Below are a few pictures of the live events I attended and pictures from past/current/future members of the team. I'm looking forward to having these events back and get to meet all you lovely people. ![DSC_1005 (1).JPG](![DSC_0781 (1).JPG](![DSC_1620.JPG](![JPEG_20170905_214317.jpg](
Avatar for Fnatic Sam
Fnatic SamOfficial@sam• 09/06/2022
Loading...@Madscot smashing the photo game 😂
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RaZoKPioneer Key Holder@RaZoK• 11/06/2022
Loading...@Madscot I know why you don't have a French accent now 😅 got to do a few whiskies when we meet
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MuggleJoshPioneer Key Holder@MuggleJosh• 08/06/2022
Loading...Hi All! -I'm a long time lol player who is washed up from ranked. -Became a Fnatic fan when I was working evenings and couldn't catch NA games. The worlds run of 2019 was potentially the most hype thing I've ever seen in sports. -Mostly I play shooters these days.
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AzraelModerator@Azrael• 08/06/2022
Loading...Heya ! Azrael here, moderating the Fnatic discord for quite a while now, and I'm also doing the tournaments and some more stuff for Fnatic. LoL player mainly, I suck at valorant or anything that include having some aim (reached gold 1 on apex once tho). I'm also a big fan of Bethesda and CDPR, as well as smaller management /simulation games. Started my journey in esport back in 2013 with League, Fnatic having the best frenchies at this time made me an unconditional fan of the team. Went to Worlds finals 2015 and 2019, MSI 2018, Summer split final in 2017 and spring in 2019... And hopefully more to come ! IRL I work in urban planning and environnement in the north of France, F1 and Warhammer 40k are some of my hobbies. Wasted archer, maybe I'll be good at it again one day. I'm in the first pic of the thread, so I guess I don't need to post one, gl finding me tho...
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RaZoKPioneer Key Holder@RaZoK• 08/06/2022
Loading...- "Oldie but goodie" frenchie living in London - Been playing a variety of games over the year but limited time these days. Much better at watching with a beer! - Long time FNC supporter and investor with a keen interest into esports business growth
Avatar for Georgester
GeorgesterPioneer Key Holder@Georgester• 20/06/2022
Loading...@RaZoK Fellow Fnatic drinking partner. 💪🏻
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StevePioneer Key Holder@Steve• 08/06/2022
Loading...Hey, I'm Steve. Originally a big fan of the original CLG EU Roster but when they disbanded I quickly became a fan of Fnatic and their personalities, supported ever since. Spend my days working as a financial ERP Consultant and my evenings playing League of Legends with long time friends as a 5 stack. Look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Fnatic!
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Luana Coelho@LuhCoelho• 08/06/2022
Loading...Hello everyone, my name is Luana Coelho, but you can call me "Luh". Some facts about me: - I'm Brazilian 🟩🟨 - Member of Fnatic Network - My boyfriend introduced me to eSports and also to Streams - Currently I only play Valorant (Diamond rank) - I love my kitten (Maya) To all of the Valorant pro team, big fan here! I'm really rooting for the boys to win everything.
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DavardOfficial@Davard• 07/06/2022
Loading...yo im davard i make memes
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LidnModerator@Lidn• 07/06/2022
Loading...@Davard Another platform for you to draw in Paint, how fun for you!
Avatar for Lamar
LamarOfficial@Lamar• 09/06/2022
Loading...@Davard based.
Avatar for Konstantina Michailidou
Loading...Hey guys! I'm Konstantina (or just Konsti) and proud member of the Fnatic Network 😊 - I started playing pc games since I was 13 years old - I've hit Masters in Legends of Runeterra - I love fps games! I have 2k hours in CSGO & am currently am close to Diamond in Valorant - Other games I like playing are: League of Legends, Rocket League, Fortnite, PUBG. Generally competitive ones Here's a picture with the sweetest and coolest cake. Wish I could've shared a piece with everyone! ![fnatic.jpg](
Avatar for JBganggang
JBganggangOfficial@jbganggang• 09/06/2022
Loading...@SweetBlood4 Omg that cake thooooooo - can you make me one plz?
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Kamiyee@Kamiyee• 07/06/2022
Loading...Heyo! I'm Amy aka Kamiyee and I've been doing streaming, socials and community things at Fnatic since 2016. - I used to play league a lot but now I enjoy watching it. - I've been playing wow since I was 10 (now 26 eheh). - Got into fnatic by modding Spirit's chat back in the days (waaaaay back). - Outside Fnatic I am the mom of the most wonderful almost 2 years old little prince and a full time pre-school teacher in Sweden. Picture of EU LCS Spring Finals in Copenhagen ![72CFC75F-B62D-4FC9-BBDB-01000174B421.jpeg](
Avatar for Stepharina
StepharinaOfficial@Steph• 07/06/2022
Loading...Heyooo! 👋 I'm Steph and I'm in charge of the FNATIC Network program here. - I'm a true Riot games degenerate and love inting in Valorant and League - One of my friends introduced me to the crazy world of esports by making me watch the World's Opening Ceremony, back in 2018. Became an avid fan of FNC (not biased btw) because of the roster and...the rest is history! - I used to stream full-time on Twitch! - First game: Link's Awakening on the Gameboy. Real OG tings.
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owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 07/06/2022
Loading...Ola 👋 I'm Owen and a Software Engineer here! [giphy]FspLvJQlQACXu[/giphy] Originally a competitive CS player in 1.3 and 1.6 days, now turned into a hard stuck bronze 🥉 League player! Helped build these forums with the lovely @crumb1e @far and @darwin 🙌 [insert cool team photo here]
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LidnModerator@Lidn• 07/06/2022
Loading...Hello guys! I'm Andreas but go by Lidn as english speakers butcher my last name Lidén. I help out with mainly Discord and Facebook, and now also assisting with membership management. - You can find me playing League, Valorant, Fallout games or vibing in some singleplayer game. - I got introduced to Esports and Fnatic late 2012 when they they played at Dreamhack, Sweden. - Made my own little gamer that's turning 2 later this year, so I got someone to play with when I'm old! - First gaming memory was when I booted up my dads Resident Evil on PS1. Got so scared I ran out of the room. Pic from my first event working with Fnatic - EU LCS Summer Finals in Paris![21272352_1450956004988474_3759445858939173125_n.jpg](
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TanniOfficial@McMuffinx33• 07/06/2022
Loading...Heya all 👋 I am Tanni, Community & Streaming Manager for Fnatic 🖤 - I mostly play Valorant & TFT, retired from LOL 5 years in ha - Gamescom 2014 is my entry memory to esports and Fnatic fandom, the picture is the proof haha - my earliest gaming memory is my dad teaching me how to play Command & Conquer: Red Alert on PC 😂 Hope you guys all have a great time here! #alwaysfnatic 🧡 ![gamescom14.jpeg](
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EscaldiOfficial@Escaldi• 07/06/2022
Loading...Hey friends! I'm Escaldi, Product Evangelist at FNATIC GEAR. A few things about me: - I love any and all things gear-related - I own over 50 gaming mice - guess you could say I'm a collector 😅 - I love tinkering with gaming mice and keyboards and do my own mods - I'm based in Florida - I'm a dad #girldad - I love playing games like Valorant, Halo, Elder Scrolls, etc. - We have a lot of great FNC personalities, but my favorites are Boaster, Pow3r, and Derke.
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DutchMashOfficial@DutchMash• 07/06/2022
Loading...Hey everyone! I'm Chris aka DutchMash, D2C Growth Manager at Fnatic. - I used to play a lot of League of Legends, but also love watching some Valorant and CSGO! - My friends introduced me to esports in 2013 👊 - Got into Fnatic because I ran a YouTube channel making montages about League of Legends pros. Since then, I've done all kinds of things from marketing, to content creation and strategy, and currently helping out the ecommerce team! Picture is from Worlds 2018 in Korea! ![43435688_184274832471091_1141009617992374692_n.jpg](
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Fnatic SamOfficial@sam• 07/06/2022
Loading...- Hey, CEO and Founder of Fnatic - I play mostly League now! - Started in Quake 3 at uni in 2004 and got bored of rugby so began playing video games competitively I love all our players!!