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CGO and co-owner of Fnatic. Used to play CS and sometimes quite well even!

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Loading...hopefully banger, we'll do our best to make that happen anyway
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Fnatic vs EF
Loading...Hey @Toast90! Thanks a bunch for your support, and for sharing your concerns. Needless to say it was a big blow for us not qualifying for the Major. Think we did a solid "reboot" of the team end of last year, regaining our RMR eligibility where we ultimately fell short in the last stages of the qualifier. Definitely a tough one, not capitalizing on the great start we got over in Romania going up 2-1 w/ plenty of chances making it to the Major itself. I'm a believer that the results will have to speak for themselves so may leave you a bit disappointed with the level of insight and updates we can share at this point, cause we are here in the esports team at Fnatic now focusing on two things which includes preparing and supporting our team in the best possible way for the tournaments we are committed to, incl. EPL, while also actively exploring all options for the latter part of the year and the second Major cycle. Will do our best responding to your questions across our forums, and I also know that our content team is working on expanding on our coverage of CS - which for various reasons have not been done as well as other games like League of Legends and Valorant where you as fans are more brought in.
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Please Fnatic