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Fnatic since 11th Feb 2022

Biggest FNC fan EUW since Season 4, thanks to Mr Enrique Cedeño (xPeke). Future doctor, amateur photographer, wannabe musician and HUGE League of Legends inter. Currently a part-time salesman while I finish my med carreer. Black and orange as a way of life, no matter what.

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p0w3l1Pioneer Key Holder
Loading...@p0w3l1 Nvm, just saw it by clicking on a sweatshirt as if to purchase. It will start at 1pm CEST ^^
p0w3l1Pioneer Key Holder
Loading...Any one know what exact time will we members have acces to the FNC x Champion sweatshirts? Because countdown 4pm CEST but I've read keyholders have 2h early access while normal presale is only 1h earlier
p0w3l1Pioneer Key Holder
Loading...@ArcadiaM Some real high-end wireless headsets would be amazing. I just bought my Arctis Nova Pros because I needed the upgrade, but I would've totally gone for FNC gear if there was something of this class.