M Size Gaming Mousepad

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The FOCUS 3 is developed with the world's leading professional gamers for optimal precision and accuracy.

Featuring the new FOCUS V3 surface, the mat gives you full control with an effortless glide. The mat is also water-repellent, and stays flat with a micro-knit stitch.

Dimensions (M Size): 360 x 280 x 4mm

Available in Medium, Large, and Desk Sizes.

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Durable, distraction free stitch of high quality to ensure the surface stays flat. This is FNATIC’s signature micro-knit stitch, a stitch above the competition.

Micro-Knit. To Stay Flat And Distraction-Free


Maximum Durability

Solid 4mm thick natural rubber is dense and provides a concrete gaming platform.

Ultimate Comfort

The backing lets your arm and wrist rest comfortable on the mousepad.


Using heat treatment to close the pores on the surface instead of a coating, the mat is designed to be water-repellent and more durable.

For Protection against spills


The new FOCUS V3 tracking surface provides a smoother cloth-based surface. The upgraded soft surface gives you more control whilst providing an effortless glide.

For a Soft, Controlled Glide



What's the difference between Dash and Focus 3 mousepads?

The FOCUS 3 is a control pad, while the DASH is a hybrid pad.

FOCUS 3 has better stopping power, while still being smooth, while the DASH is smoother, the logo is also not raised/same texture as the rest of the mat, so it's really subtle and won't get in the way while the mousepad is in use.

Does Focus 3 have a cloth surface?

Focus 3 has a very smooth, soft cloth surface, vs the textured surface of DASH.

Is Focus 3 water-resistant?

Yes, the liquid and humidity repellence on this mousepad is exceptionally high.

How do I clean Focus 3 mousepad?

We would strongly advise against washing machines to clean it. Hand-washing is by far the best, and the washing instructions are the same for all gaming brands:

Mix the soap and water together, then use the sponge, soak it in the mix, use a soft cloth or soft side of a sponge, rub the surface of the mouse pad lightly in a circular motion, and rinse the mouse pad with clean warm water. Pat the mouse pad dry and then let the mouse pad air-dry (keep out of the sun) for at least 12 hours (we recommend 24 hours).

What is the material combination for Focus mousepads?

It's built on top of solid natural rubber and is surrounded by an industry-best stitch. The stitch quality is called 'micro-knit'. The heat treated surface is not a coating, and shows minimal wear over time. The surface liquid repellence and heat treated surface provides exceptionally consistent static and dynamic frictions, which are uniform in both X and Y axis.