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[CANDID CONTENT DUMP] Fnatic Key Holders and Fans at Gamescom!

FNATIC-Adrian's avatarFNATIC AdrianOfficial@FNATIC-Adrianβ€’ 05/09/2022

[CANDID CONTENT DUMP] Fnatic Key Holders and Fans at Gamescom!

Went to Gamescom and had an awesome time with some Key Holders and other fans!

Got together with a few of them to talk, chill out, handed out some free Fnatic Goodies and even had a really cool exclusive giveaway at our booth!

Wanted to share some of the cool pics with everyone in a thread here!

Gamescom Forum Post 1.jpg

Fans got to win some cool prizes at our booth! :fnatic:

Gamescom Forum Post 9.jpg

Got some Key Holders together quickly on Thursday for a cool giveaway where they got to win some signed gear! There was a cool video of everyone shouting Fnatic which I seemed to have lost 😞. A few more Key Holders stopped by throughout the booth as well which was awesome! :citizen: :core: :pioneer:

Gamescom Forum Post 6.jpgGamescom Forum Post 7.jpgGamescom Forum Post 8.jpg

@JoshyLegends and@Kyraja were the prize winners!!! Congratulations guys! Hope you guys are enjoying your special gifts! πŸŽ‰

Gamescom Forum Post 4.jpg

I FORGOT HIS NAME AAAA but this lovely man if you see this whack a comment below! Was really cool to talk to you throughout the after party! :partycage:


Sometimes forget how massive the :fnatic: Nation really is. This was the booth during one of our challenges. I remember having my jaw dropped at how many people there were! Was insane!!! πŸ”₯


For those of you who didn't know one of our amazing Pioneers :pioneer:@VentexRain was a temporary Fnatic Official as he helped our staff team run the booth. Seb was an absolutely stellar person to work with!


Finally a group photo with the Fnatic Staff team. Was a really amazing event and we did so good! Loved these people so much. I miss them all already! :fnatic: 😘

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Loading...Awesome, hope I can see it next year live or even help.
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Loading...Fnatic had a nice stand at gamescom. Mega cool members. The after party was really nice. Always FnaticπŸ–€πŸ§‘ PS: My smile in one picture looks really psycho. SORRYπŸ˜… But I love the mouse it is in the showcase THANK YOU!πŸ–€πŸ§‘
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VentexRainPioneer Key Holder@VentexRain• 05/09/2022
Loading...It was an absolute pleasure to got the chance and work with the FNC staff at the Gamescom. It was really nice to meet all the Staff Members and Fnatic Fans and to have a nice little talk with them. I was really shocked when i saw how many people visited the Fnatic Booth, especially during the League ARAM Tournament on Saturday where the booth got flooded by People. All in one it was an insane experience to be there during the Gamescom.
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KyrajaPioneer Key Holder@Kyraja• 05/09/2022
Loading...Thanks a lot for the great time with you at Gamescom and the AfterShow-Party! It was great to meet so many awesome FNATIC fans and staff ❀️ πŸ™‚ I hope for many more events and to see you again soon. PS: Yes, I was really happy about the win πŸ™‚ Adrian you are the best!
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GeorgesterPioneer Key Holder@Georgester• 05/09/2022
Loading...Such a great family! πŸ§‘πŸ–€ EGX next? πŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ‘ˆπŸ»