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What are your 90%/50%/10% Picks for Worlds.

ArcadiaM's avatarArcadiaMPioneer Key Holder@ArcadiaM08/09/2022

What are your 90%/50%/10% Picks for Worlds.

Mine are

90% LPL/LCK Finals

50% Fnatic out of groups

10% Fnatic in Finals

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LiamPioneer Key Holder@Lahm• 15/09/2022
Loading...90% JDG/TES finals - Have a bit of bias as I watch a lot of LPL, but JDG and TES are really strong. 50% MAD out in Play-Ins - I don't think this is that wild of a prediction, but EU isn't looking *Incredible* this year and with that, i think the format of this years Play-Ins with the extra seeds might prove to be too hard. - With this, I think there's a good chance no team goes undefeated in groups this year, such a strong list of teams. 10% ⁠Chiefs Esports Club qualify for groups - My dreams would come true
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Killstoke@Killstoke• 10/09/2022
Loading...90% lpl wins worlds 50% fnatic in semis 10% fnatic wins worlds
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Stewie90kPioneer Key Holder@Stewie90k• 09/09/2022
Loading...90% LCK wins Worlds 50% Fnatic makes Semis 10% Rouge make it out of the groups ! :fnatic: :fnatic:
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ElbosPioneer Key Holder@Elbos• 08/09/2022
Loading...90% LPL team wins Worlds 50% Any EU Team gets Semi-finals 10% Any NA Team gets through groups
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Loading...90% lpl/lck finals 50% Fnatic gets past groups 10% a single NA team gets through groups kekw