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New controller!

FyxTvv's avatarFyxTvv@FyxTvv08/01/2023

New controller!

Hi, I'm your little fan (me and my little brother);

I would like to recommend a new product to include in the Fnatic Merch: A controller (like scuf) I hope my request is accepted because it would be great to have a fnatic controller.

Thank you

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EscaldiOfficial@Escaldi• 08/01/2023
Loading...Cool idea! What would the design of the controller look like? For Xbox or Playstation?
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FyxTvv@FyxTvv• 09/01/2023
Loading...@Escaldi It depends on the requests of the players: I personally would opt for the PS4 controller because I find it better to use it; But if there are people who use the Xbox you could do that too. what do you think about it?
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FyxTvv@FyxTvv• 09/01/2023
Loading...@Escaldi "What would the design of the controller look like?" I personally don't know; the most similar to a scuf with symbols written "always fnatic" perhaps customizable with the writing of the name of the video games. Black and orange Both playstation controller and xbox controller
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Loading...@Escaldi I couldn't help but notice this and I thought of something cool you guys can do for the design. For the overall design of the controller, maybe the Fnatic logo could be the main thing that catches the eye on it with the top lines of the logo going across the top of the face of the controller and the side lines curving down towards the handles. Something similar to the following (low quality) reference photo: ![Fantic Controller.png](