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Thank you Fnatic

Thank you Fnatic

My lootbox arrived and I just want to thank everyone involved in the membership program.

It was a great first year and in some points even way better than ever imagined.

The whole pioneer community is a gem.

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MuggleJoshPioneer Key Holder@MuggleJosh• 31/01/2023
Loading...Mine just came in today! fantastic loot box for year 1![PXL_20230130_222259235.jpg](
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Loading...What a day today. With "Heartbreaker" LEC released yet another banger. My pro kit 2023 arrived and the neon sign is finally set up. This will be my P.O.V. for tomorrow's match: ![2023-01-20 17.05.12.jpg]( Thank you, Fnatic! 😇
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Tijana | FnaticOfficial@Tijana• 20/01/2023
Loading...Hey buddy, thanks so much for sharing these, they look amazing!😍 I'm sure everyone will agree that we have an incredible community and the best fans! I'm so glad to hear that this first year has been a success, and even more amazing things are yet to come! Thank you for being a fan 🖤🧡
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darwinOfficial@darwin• 20/01/2023
Loading...Super jealous of that Fnatic LED sign! 😍