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Not making Playoffs

Gilgamesh's avatarGilgameshPioneer Key Holder@Gilgamesh07/02/2023

Not making Playoffs

So lets get to the elaphant in the room. This is the worst Fnatic has performed in years, and I think we are all feeling down, but no more so than the players. I don't think this is excusable given the incredible ability of all 5 of these players. I am not sure what the future for this roster holds, but I hope none of the players blame themselves too much, and I think they are still very capable. I think YamatoCannon not being a part of the team is showing quite a bit. We are lucky however that this will be short, and Fnatic will be back at it again soon. I wish all the best to the team and support staff, and let this be a blemish, not a expectation. Good luck guys, and keep your heads up.

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owenmelbzOfficial@owenmelbz• 07/02/2023
Loading...is definately a sad day, many of the games showed some great promise, just a shame we couldnt pull through! However we know the staff and players will be doing everything they can to find a way to win next split, nobody will just be coasting, all grinding to find the secret recipe!