AllValorantWE WOOON🧡


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Catxalote@CATXALOTE• 14/05/2024
Loading...They called him Leo Baitersson I prefer calling him Leo Goatingsson
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SAS7@SAS7• 13/05/2024
Loading...Leo Alfa and chronicle my goats🧡
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NjSergi_Hn@NjSergi_Hn• 13/05/2024
Loading...Fnt best team fr 🧡
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Loading...VAMOSSS sadly he is Ill
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Uldingrath@Uldingrath• 13/05/2024
Loading...It was a banger series!! I really loved the last 3 games, that looks more like the fnatic we love!! (But de I would support them even if they would loose every game!!)
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TKModerator@AdamTKWallace• 13/05/2024
Loading...So happy! Hopefully Leo is feeling better now. Can’t imagine how exhausted the boys are feeling after 5 days back to back games! So proud of them for proving the doubters wrong! 🧡💪🏻
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BabsCitizen Key Holder@Babs• 13/05/2024
Loading...🧡💪🏻 Fnc is nothing without the common comebacks ! I love our guys !
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Loading...Of course we won 🧡
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MrFoxyPioneer Key Holder@MrFoxy• 13/05/2024
Loading...He got a bad migraine, but he'll still be alright 🫶
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Loading...@MrFoxy Oh no, poor Leo!! He's a real fighter for pulling through like that
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lavinia@twlavinia• 13/05/2024
Loading...@MrFoxy Did anyone say this or is it an assumption?