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Masters Prep

Ducky_M3's avatarDucky@Ducky_M315/05/2024

Masters Prep

Ello guys. Since masters is not far away how are u preping for it? Since the time difference will probs make most matches in the morning.(looking back at masters tokyo last year).

And also whats your favorit Snack to have while watching a match.

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QuareCitizen Key Holder@Quare• 15/05/2024
Loading...Looking at the schedule, games are at 10 am and 1pm right? (CET)
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BabsCitizen Key Holder@Babs• 15/05/2024
Loading...Depending on the time and day but I will 100% be able to watch it no matter the time. I work fulltime nightshifts so my co workers will have to turn into fans after the games! Incase it’s nighttime for us! Fav snack I don’t know I’m usually to concentrated when I watch the game or I go for a simple popcorn what about yourself ?
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Ducky@Ducky_M3• 15/05/2024
Loading...@Babs I love some good paprika crisps!