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hunie's avatarhunie@hunie25/05/2024


Yo Guys with LEC starting soon i was thinking about watching it togheter. Is anyone interested? I could Host it on my Discord Server If anyone wants to join LMK 🖤🧡 #alwaysfnatic

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Loading...I definitely need to binge some LEC
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dngo@dngo• 26/05/2024
Loading...We should watch atleast the fnatic games togheter
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hunie@hunie• 26/05/2024
Loading...@dngo We can try to If im free from Work If youd Like to!!
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Kalixen@Kalixen• 25/05/2024
Loading...Yeah that would be pretty cool! Feel free to add my disc Kalixen#2872 ☺️
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hunie@hunie• 25/05/2024
Loading...@Kalixen Will do when i am at Home 🧡🖤
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hunie@hunie• 26/05/2024
Loading...@Kalixen Ok somehow my Discord wont add you i will try again later.... But would you be interested in watching some Games togheter ?? :D