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Fnatic predicitons 🤨

dngo's avatardngo@dngo26/05/2024

Fnatic predicitons 🤨

Guys what do you think about LEC results this year and worlds are you seeing a Chance for a g2 fnatic lec Finale? Im hyped!

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Loading...We are still behind G2 but at least we are competitive against them so we can definitely beat them on a good day, but we need to work on our mental. From what I see we are a very momentum team, we need to bring some consistency no matter the situation.
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SecarePioneer Key Holder@Secare• 27/05/2024
Loading...Hopefully we have recovered from the end of msi but I have good hopes of how we will be in summer!
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Loading...We win GGWP hopes
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hunie@hunie• 26/05/2024
Loading...After seeing US in Msi now i think we have a more than good Chance in Lec and maybe this year WE will Beat g2
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dngo@dngo• 26/05/2024
Loading...@hunie Yea you're right maybe we have a great Chance this year...I think after hearing the voice comms that the teams communication is a bit off sometimes but I hope they learn to play togheter and to maybe help each other to open up more!
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dngo@dngo• 26/05/2024
Loading...@hunie Ngl it was kinda disapointing to see them against tl not speaking not communicating with the Sound being so silent sometimes