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Yep, we're cooked

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Tomatico@Tomatico• 29/05/2024
Loading...I think y’all are forgetting FNC has won 2 VCT (Worlds) already.
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Loading...@Tomatico :(
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QuareCitizen Key Holder@Quare• 29/05/2024
Loading...Aaam.. Did you see the drawing? Fnc had no choice
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Loading...@Quare fr
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BatnateYT@Batnate• 28/05/2024
Loading...out of the 4 teams why did we pick gen g, also is anyone surprised that FUT beat LEV like what
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Loading...@Batnate Unfortunately we got picked last to choose out of all the first seeds and Gen were the only ones left so we had to ‘pick’ them :/
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Loading...@Batnate 🫡
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BabsCitizen Key Holder@Babs• 28/05/2024
Loading...Ggs poor geng better leave there suitcases locked 🤷🏻‍♀️ don’t forget who we are !! OO AA EE?!
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MrMwme@MrMwme• 28/05/2024
Loading...@Babs 🤣🤣 true
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Loading...@Babs close
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hunie@hunie• 28/05/2024
Loading...We can do it! Getting Revenge for MSI hahaha
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MrMwme@MrMwme• 28/05/2024
Loading...@hunie If Fnatic beat geng then I believe we can win vct Shanghai, cuz like they are the second best team in the whole event. So ye hope we win