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What did you think of this first day of the LEC?

Franky's avatarFrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky09/06/2024

What did you think of this first day of the LEC?

What did you guys and girls think of this first LEC match?

Personally, I was reassured. Sure, we messed up the top gank and one Drake fight, but other than that, we didn’t overforce fights with our team comp and our mid and late game were good. Oscar seems to have maintained his level from MSI and that’s cool. Before the game, I was a bit worried that MSI might have mentally boomed the team, but it doesn’t seem like it for now.

What are your predictions for today?

Victory in 29 minutes for me (Fnatic, of course).

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DTR@DTR• 09/06/2024
Loading...Yeah some mistake were still here, but it's hard to not make any. The game went really great, and like u said Oscar played really really good there, and even Noah was on a good game compared to MSI. Hope they'll win it today too🔥🖤🧡
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FrankyCitizen Key Holder@Franky• 09/06/2024
Loading...@DTR For me, the real test should be tomorrow against Vita, since today we're playing against GiantX. So, without disrespect, we're supposed to beat them since they are one of the weaker team on paper