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4 tickets for LEC this weekend for sale

GC79's avatarColinCore Key Holder@GC7914/06/2024

4 tickets for LEC this weekend for sale

Completely forgot I could post on here and not just in the official discord. Posted in the discord during the week with mod approval (GC79)

I have 4 tickets for this weekend , both days, I'm hoping to sell them if anyone would like to buy!

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yaraH@yaraH• 18/06/2024
Loading...Heyy, was this for the weekend of 14/15 June or for 22/23 June?
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ColinCore Key Holder@GC79• 18/06/2024
Loading...@yaraH 15th/16th unfortunately 😔
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Loading...Unfortunately cannot travel to Berlin this weekend, I'm just here to tell everyone that I know Colin personally and you do not have to fear getting scammed. I vouch for him. Best of luck in getting the tickets to fellow Fnatics on here. The more black and orange people to cheer us to a 5-0 start the better.