LEC Tickets Giveaway!

One best-of-5 victory secures us a spot at the 2022 World Championships. What better time to call upon the Fnatic nation to give our team the support they need! :fnc:

As these tickets are short notice please ensure you are fully capable of attending before claiming these tickets. If you live far from Berlin, please ensure that the travel and accommodation costs are not an issue before you decide to claim these tickets as this is not covered.

In order to enter to win upvote this thread and comment below with reasoning as to why you should win these tickets!

The winner will receive a ticket for themselves and a friend!

We have tickets available for the following dates 📆

📆 Friday - 02.09.22 - 13x Tickets 🎟️ and a plus one for 12 of them

Carefully read the T&Cs here 👉 :


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Avatar for Undercoversnipe
Loading...I've been a Fnatic fan since 2017 and have experienced a lot of highs and lows of the org over the years. Sadly never in person though. It would be amazing experiencing the high of qualifying to worlds in person and cheer on the team as they do it.
Avatar for jemoel
jemoel@jemoel• 01/09/2022
Loading...I have only been a fnatic fan for 4 years, but I have watched every single bo1 and bo5 however never on stage. It would be such an amazing experience to go to Berlin and watch all the action, as close as possible.
Avatar for achimo11
achimo11Pioneer Key Holder@achimo11• 31/08/2022
Loading...As a long time FNC supporter I would love to be able to attend my 1st ever live LEC game and support the team on their journey to the finals. I hope to see them lock in their spot for worlds and prove all the haters wrong!
Avatar for 2002Kredithai
Loading...been a fnatic fan for like 5-6 years but never got the chance to watch them live on stage, so this would be the perfect opportunity.
Avatar for ToplaneGuy
ToplaneGuyPioneer Key Holder@ToplaneGuy• 31/08/2022
Loading...i should win because imagine your first time in LEC is off won tickets.
Avatar for 1FreshBanana1
Loading...I need to bring the fnatic bra buff back into action :)
Avatar for achimo11
achimo11Pioneer Key Holder@achimo11• 31/08/2022
Loading...@1FreshBanana1 Bra Buff 100% works!
Avatar for Justus
JustusPioneer Key Holder@ooinsanityoo• 31/08/2022
Loading...I watched one of the losses vs Excel at the booth at Gamescom and already enjoyed not watching the game solo in my room. Now I would love to see the team win together with other fans and live at the studio. Thanks for the opportunity!!
Avatar for ExtraILarge
Loading...Really wanna help the boys again in their time of need. It was really fun the last time and would love to do it again! Always Fnatic!
Avatar for mkey
mkeyPioneer Key Holder@mkey• 31/08/2022
Loading...i already was there it was amazing ^^ it would be nice to be there again
Avatar for GermanMid
GermanMidPioneer Key Holder@GermanMid• 31/08/2022
Loading...I would really enjoy to support our boys to get that worlds spot.