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D1V3XPioneer Key Holder
Loading...that was faster as my brain is working, had to watch in 3 times, but insane play. I say d2
D1V3XPioneer Key Holder
Loading...I got a idea some days before. At the moment I am working on a FNC Discord, with different ranks for keys, fan, etc what ever. Ihave heard we also got someone but not sure? If yes sorry for my message. If someone want to help set up this thing or smth like that write me a DM on Insta (easier to connect) David.hrn_ I would post the link in a new discussion so everyone can join (also fans can join, dont need a key)
D1V3XPioneer Key Holder
Loading...Obv. Zeri Emote cause there is no FnC ADC Skin😅