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EnjoiCitizen Key Holder
Loading...@Adys Think you’re totally missing my point. I’m aware that this is his career and that FNC are an org with big expectations. What I’m saying is that if he is already struggling under pressure, do you think piling on even more pressure is going to help him? Or is it just possible that if he can change his perspective to reduce pressure that it might help unlock him? Maybe being more relaxed is more conducive to him performing well?
EnjoiCitizen Key Holder
Loading...@Adys So for a player who seems to perform worse under pressure, your view is to pile on more pressure? Sometimes it’s better for people to change their perspective to help them perform at their best. Noah clearly hasn’t played like he did when he joined since that time and it seems the higher the pressure got the more he struggled. Maybe it would be better if he could remember that it’s not life and death
EnjoiCitizen Key Holder
Loading...@Orfeas I don’t know the players but from what I’ve gathered, Matys and Kyuubi are both young talents with high skill. Bodyy used to be on the same team as Afro so previous synergy. Keeping Krimz and Afro here as 2 older more experienced players (Krimz especially), with a couple of young talents makes sense on paper. As for whether either of the young will be like signing the next Monesey remains to be seen but it’s a better strategy than taking old names that have probably past their prime. And I mean no disrespect to Roej or Dexter but it was plain to see they weren’t quite good enough for top 10 competition.